Deeper Understanding of Reishi

cogumelo reishi

Deeper Understanding of Reishi

Surprise, because being in the presence of the fungi in the wild, and using this fungi, awakens in you the presence of a deeper wisdom. Reishi holds that wisdom.

Personally, I am just as excited to read contemporary research articles as I am to read the classics, and Reishi shares a firm stance in both. With the objective in furthering a deeper understand of Reishi, we have put together a new page devoted to a more thorough analysis of Reishi. In this article, we discuss some of the history of Reishi, the different preparations available, the different species and varieties of Reishi and Gandoderma lucidum available, and then a small overview of the some of the contemporary research that has been done the active, medicinal compounds identified in the Reishi fungi of presented.

Jul 09, 2014 Ryan Wade

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