Estrogen Detox and Detoxification

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Estrogen Detoxification

It took us approximately about two years to develop and launch our estrogen detoxification product, Estrogen Detox. It took so long because, as if often the case, good things take time.

Why did we develop Estrogen Detox when there are already several "estrogen detoxification" products on the market, and Diindolylmethane (DIM) (an active ingredient in many of the products) is readily available at the health food store?

Because none of these products actually detoxify estrogen while simultaneously supporting the detoxification pathways of the body, a necessary step in actually ridding the body of stored estrogen. We wanted something for our customers (and that we could use as well) that would provide real estrogen detoxification--safe, effective, and total estrogen detoxification.

To understand what this means, we have to understand estrogen detoxification. To understand estrogen detoxification, let's cover how the body becomes estrogen toxic and let's take a look at the ingredients in our Estrogen Detox, and let them tell the story of detoxification.

Sources of Estrogen Dominance

First of all, we become estrogen toxic (estrogen dominant) for a variety of reasons, but most people represent a general confluence of all the different pathways. First, phyto-estrogens and/or xeno-estrogens make their way into the body, by the foods we eat, the chemicals we consume and are exposed to, and the packaging that pretty much all prepared food and drink comes in (not to mention the water becoming increasingly saturated with remnants of hormonal birth control pills). These chemicals enter the general blood supply, where they attach to estrogen receptors and are stored in fat tissue (everyone has some, and the majority of people have too much).

Effects of Estrogen Dominance

Because of the increasingly toxic environment we all live in, from air pollution to water pollution and everything in-between, our livers are burdened and they do not function properly. Since the liver is the organ responsible for sex-hormone detoxification, should that excess estrogen make its way to be detoxified, it can't because the liver is unhealthy. We become toxic in part because of poor liver function and we stay estrogen toxic in part because of poor liver function.

Liver Detoxification and Estrogen

The coalescing of our exposure to estrogenic chemicals, excess fat, and widespread liver congestion presents a ripe habitat for estrogen toxicity. Because several factors are at play at once, estrogen detoxification is complicated (and much more complicated than taking a supplement with one or two ingredients).

The first step in estrogen detoxification is to release the estrogen that is stored in adipose (fat) tissue and the estrogen that is currently attached to estrogen receptors (on the cells). Without this first step, none of the other steps matter.
The trick to releasing stored estrogen is to do it over time, so that the body can safely detoxify without becoming burdened, so that the estrogen does not just re-attach to receptors and become re-stored in the tissue, and so that hormone levels are not drastically altered causing alarm in the body. Many people, in their desire to detoxify, try to do so quickly and end up as toxic as before, and even damage their body by the high levels of released toxins.

Estrogen Detox: The Ingredients

To release the estrogen we include two active compounds in our Estrogen Detox, in just the right amount as to allow gradual, safe, and total estrogen release. These ingredients are DIM, Calcium D-Glucarate, and Sulforaphane. With these, the estrogen is free and--potentially--ready to be detoxified.

While the now released estrogen is waiting to be removed by the liver, it can become attached to estrogen receptors and become stored again in the body--just as it was before releasing. Think of it like sweeping up or vacuuming: you don't want to leave a pile of dust in the middle of the room (or dump the contents of the vacuum onto the floor), only to for it to get kicked and spread around. You need to package it and protect it from being redistributed. Estrogen Detox does this too.

We include Chrysin, Apigenin (chamomile extract), and Sulforaphane to help protect the body from reabsorbing the released estrogen. Its like putting that estrogen into tiny trash bags and bringing them to the curb. Without this step, releasing the estrogen with a single formula of DIM and/or Calcium D-Glucarate is useless.

Remember how the liver is ultimately responsible for ridding the body of estrogen (and is a main contributing factor as to why so many people have excess levels of estrogen). Silymarin, the active compound in Milk Thistle Seed, is by and far the most effective medicinal herb for healing and protecting the liver. The amount of positive research into silymarin and its ability to heal and protect the liver, even recovery from cirrhosis--the power of Milk Thistle truly is mind boggling.

Obesity Estrogen Cycle

We include a full dose of silymarin in every serving of Estrogen Detox to assist in phase I and phase II detoxification. This allows all those little trash bags of estrogen to be released by the body. With silymarin, the complete phase of estrogen detoxification is complete: estrogen is released from where its stored, the body is protected from it once its released, and finally--with silymarin--it leaves the body.

With every ingredient we include in our Estrogen Detox formula, we include only clinically significant doses--what you would receive should you purchase them all individually. The six ingredients in Estrogen Detox are compounded and formulated to work together, and constitute a complete estrogen detoxification protocol.

We love this product and so do our customers.

Jan 14, 2014 Ryan Wade

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