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Endocrine Strengthening Formula Capsules | The Professionals' Choice

In our ongoing quest to transform health, we are extremely excited to offer our potent Endocrine Strengthening Formula (ESF) Capsules. Using the same Five Point formula as our popular ESF tincture, we developed our capsules with the highest quality powdered extract. For restoring strong testosterone levels and minimize the detrimental effects environmental (xeno) estrogen, our ESF capsules are your key element.

These capsules offer Total Endocrine Reprogramming. Each capsule contains 550 milligrams of potent, standardized extracts of Pine Pollen, Chinese Red Ginseng, Tribulus, Nettle Root, and Ginger. This is the same formula used in our tincture, but here in capsule form.

The formula in our ESF capsules directly targets the testosterone to estrogen ratio. This ratio, which used to be in balance, is now vastly out of balance in many people, leading to a cascade of detrimental health effects from low testosterone.

With the choice proprietary blend, our ESF capsules directly raises levels of free testosterone, signals to the body to produce more androgen and DHT, refuses levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), and removes excess levels of estrogen (including xeno and phyto estrogen). We are able to achieve this through our custom formulation of:

Pine Pollen ( Pinus massoniana): Here, we employ Pine Pollen to directly boost your levels of free-Androgens. Our Pine Pollen Tincture, as an ingredient in the ESF, contains all the androgens: Androstenedione (Andro), Testosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and Androsterone. This instantly raises your levels of testosterone and other androgens.

Chinese Red Ginseng ( Panax Ginseng):
We use Chinese Red Ginseng, from roots that are at a minimum five years old, for all of Ginseng's unparalleled health benefits. If people were to pick one herb to take every day for the rest of their lives, Chinese Red Ginseng would be on the top of that list. For use in our ESF, we use Chinese Red Ginseng as an ingredient because it directly signals your body to produce more Androgens. Ginseng is gonadotropic, meaning it communicates with your endocrine system to actually produce more hormones. This is highly valuable, as your body is the ultimate healer, so it should be relied upon to correct itself, including any hormonal issues. Furthermore, for those worried about adding Phyto-Androgens to an already functioning body, by including a gonadotropic herb to Pine Pollen, you ensure that your body keeps on producing its own Testosterone and other hormones.

Nettle Root ( Urtica dioica):
Nettle Root is the male herb, as it is highly supportive of the male reproductive system, and is of special importance to the Prostate Gland. As the majority of men in the US will have prostate issues in their life time, this is highly beneficial to all men. We include Nettle Root in our ESF because of its unique ability to reduce levels of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). Why is this important? For two reasons. Firstly, sex hormones, like Testostarone, have a life span. When they are "free" we benefit from them, when they are bound, they become inactive in our systems. If we can keep them free longer, than we will benefit more from them. In the context of our Endocrine Strengthening Formula, the Phyto-Androgens from Pine Pollen, and the Androgens produced because of Chinese Red Ginseng and Tribulus, are kept active longer through Nettle Root. Furthermore, after Testostatone is bound with SHBG, it becomes metabolized by the body, sometimes into Estradiol. Estradiol is responsible for both Prostate Cancer and Pattern Baldness. Lowering your levels of SHBG though Nettle Root means overall lower levels of Estradiol.

Research shows that Vegans actually have higher levels of Testosterone than their meat eating counterparts. However, Vegans have abnormally high levels of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, resulting in an overall low level of free-Testostarone in the body, and increased risk for syndromes associated with high levels of Estradiol. This makes Nettle Root of great importance to all vegans, male and female alike.

Gokshura ( Tribulus Terrestris): is the traditional Ayurvedic herb for male health, and is just becoming popular in the West. Gokshura has been the subject of vast research and extensive practical application for literally several centuries, which has demonstrated its unique ability to nourish the body on several accords. Gokshura is used to increase muscle mass, increase libido, increase fertility, heal ED, and even to ease intestinal colic issues. Gokshura also boosts the activity of bone marrow, producing more red blood cells and improving immune functioning.

Within the scope of our ESF, we use Gokshura to increase Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which in turn signals to the body to produce higher levels on Testosterone. Gokshura does this through its active compound protodioscin (PTN), a completely natural non-hormonal herbal bio stimulator. Gokshura ( Tribulus Terrestris) is a safe way to boost levels of free Testosterone i
n the body.

Most importantly, Tribulus increases the production of DHT. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the master Androgen in the body, and is TEN TIMES stronger than Testosterone. Many experts are beginning to see Testosterone as a pro-hormone to DHT, meaning that Testosterone is important only that it is converted to DHT. Interestingly, Tribulus also decreses serum levels of Aromatase, the enzyme which converts Testosterone to Estradiol. In Europe, doctors use DHT to treat and reverse Enlarged Prostate (BPH), which backs up the hypotheses that prostate problems arise out of low testosterone levels and that correcting the balance of androgen to estrogen reverses prostate issues.

Ginger ( Zingiber officinale): Zingiber officinale is one of the most potent plant panaceas known to humans. It should be included in everyone's diet daily, integrating fresh ginger into drinks, dishes, and desserts, accomplishing everything from eliminating digestive complaints, to lowering unhealthy levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, to improving the activity of the immune system. But here, we include Ginger for its unique, and largely unknown, ability to remove excess levels of Estrogen from the body. As our bodies are under constant attack from phyto and zeno estrogen, we (men and women alike) must become active in defending ourselves from estrogen pollution. Zingiber is a rare ally in removing those estrogen from the body. Interestingly, levels of prostate cancer has risen over the past 50 years with direct correspondence with the use of chemical fertilizers (xeno-Estrogens).

We add Ginger to our ESF to complete the picture of your endocrine health by removing the xeno and phyto estrogens from your body which are destroying your Testosterone to Estrogen ratio, causing premature Andropause, and setting you up for greater risk of many health conditions, including cancer and heart disease.

This is the professionals' choice.

Our ESF Capsules are also the perfect formula for increasing all for metrics of malefertility: the total amount of sperm present, the percentage of mobile sperm, the number of highly mobile sperm (sperm that are not just mobile, but healthy enough to meet and fertilize an egg), and the percentage of perfectly formed sperm.

Endocrine Strengthening Formula capsules

Dec 08, 2011 Ryan Wade

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