Making the Long Life Tonic Elixir Syrup

Tonic Elixir Syrup

Making the Long Life Tonic Elixir Syrup

To expand upon this video, we've decided to do a quick blog post which goes over the steps and the ingredients in making this truly amazing tonic elixir syrup. We call it the Long Life syrup, and it is guaranteed to not only give you a long life, but give you a long life worth living.

This is unlike any kind of tonic, elixir, or extract you've ever had. It will be powerful and potent, harmonizing to the whole system, and also delicious and gourmet. What more do you need? Oh yeah, it will make you grow new brain cells too.

The steps are very very straight forward, as you can see in the video. Basically, you add all the herbs in the formula to a large (1/2 gallon) mason jar. Then you add brandy to cover--which should work out to be 1 quart of brandy, but it is important that the herbs are fully submerged.

Let the mixture sit from anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. This is where the second video will pick up, but in the meantime...then press the herbs until you've removed all the liquid. To this liquid you'll add 8 ounces of black cherry juice concentrate (you must use concentrate or it will cause your amazing elixir to rot) and raw wildflower honey to taste (1/2 pound).

Store this in the fridge and take 2 Tbs 2 times a day.



PS, here are some notes that I whipped up about the herbs and the exact measurements:

  • 1 oz Licorice Root: strong adrenal tonic and adrenal food, used in classical and traditional Chinese medicine to harmonize herbal formulas. Also adds flavor to the finished product.
  • 3 oz Ashwagandha: the Ayurvedic adaptogen, also the only adaptogen which both increases energy while relaxing the CNS (Central Nervous System). Used here in place of Panax Ginseng because it produces similar results without leading to a state of excess or nervousness. Perfect for folks with anxiety or feelings of being burnt out or worn down. Unlike other adaptogens, it is the only plant known to cause neurogenisis that is growing new brain cells.
  • 2 oz Sassafras: strong alterative, restoring homeostasis by acting as a general tonic to the whole body. Also adds flavor to the finished product.
  • 2 oz Sarsaparilla: very strong blood purifier.
Jan 18, 2012 Ryan Wade

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