Announcing Pine Pollen Powder Extract (10:1)

Announcing Pine Pollen Powder Extract (10:1)

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Pine Pollen Powder Extract (10:1)

In celebration of life, health, and longevity, RAW Forest Foods is pleased to announce the world premier of Pine Pollen Powder Extract. This is a water extract of the highest quality Pinus Massoniana pollen, and results in a 10:1 extraction potency. Just like our RAW Pine Pollen, the pollen in our extract is collected only from select Pinus massoniana trees, from remote forests, and only within a three day time period. Before extraction, the pollen is air processed to fracture the cell wall of the spermatozoa to increase digestibility.

Our newest member of the RAW Forest Foods arsenal of unique, superior products designed specifically to address all aspects of Regenerative Wellness and Longevity through Deep Nutrition, Pine Pollen Powder Extract is, we truly believe, the most potent and powerful food on the planet.

This changes everything.

Each 50 grams of our extract is the equivalent of over 1 pound of other Pine Pollens. Unlike tinctures, every ones of the 200+ active compounds in Pine Pollen are concentrated in our Powdered Extract.

The RAW Forest Foods difference means a pure water extracted, and never comes in contact with alcohol, hexane, or any other solvents.

Pine Pollen Powdered Extract is a proprietary RAW Forest Foods product, developed by us.. It is produced in a FDA GMP facility, and each batch is tested for purity, potency, and environmental pollutants. Like all of our products, our Pine Pollen Powdered Extract has never been irradiated, and contains no drying agents, preservatives, or fillers.

Aug 23, 2011 Ryan Wade

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