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Pine Pollen: The Potentiator of Spring

Posted by Ryan Wade on Jan 20, 2012

the potentiator of spring

Pine Pollen: The potentiator of Spring and what that means for you

You see, in a very real way, Pine Pollen ushers in spring. Pine Pollen brings the power of spring. The fall brings dormancy to the forest and the winter is dormancy in the forest. The forest, largely, dyes off. We see this same macro-pattern throughout the natural world, and we see this same micro-pattern replicated in human life.

In the forest, the pine tree is the first to reawaken, and as it does so the pine tree begins to fruit its catkins and spread its pollen. At this time the forest is still largely asleep, but the presence of the pollen falling on the plants and the forest floor usher in the transformation that brings spring. The entire rebirth of the forest is due, single handedly, to the power of that first pollinating tree, the pine tree. And while RAW Pine Pollen brings over 200+ active and identifiable healing constituents, its brings along a power of transformation which we have all experienced in nature, but very few of us have ever experience on a personal health level. For humans, we can reawaken our own spring.