Pine Pollen Tincture: The Better, Pro-Androgenic Herb

Pine Pollen Tincture: The Better, Pro-Androgenic Herb

Clinical Grade Pine Pollen Tinctures

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Pine Pollen contains over 200+ active compounds, including essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and most importantly pro-androgenic and adaptogenic compounds. It is increasinly used as a dietary supplement and has been known to be used in Classical Chinese Medicine and in Traditional Chinese medicine. The use of pine pollen supplement is safe and effective.

Our Pine Pollen Tinctures are locally, domestically produced in a certified organic, FDA cGMP facility. Tinctures are a great way to infuse and use medical herbs because the alcohol they contain extracts the herbs to create a constant and absorbable solution. This is especially beneficial for using Pine Pollen and other pro-androgenic herbs.

Since it is considered a food, your body absorbs it like food. Not all supplements are quickly absorbed by your system, but tinctuing ensures a quick uptake by your body.

About RAW Forest Foods

The mission of RAW Forest Foods is to help people change their lives positively by providing health products made out of Pine Pollen and other pro-androgenic, adaptogenic, and other tonic herbs. Our original motto is to “Discover the Infinite Powder Within,” and we keep to it today. Pine pollen provides many health benefits not many are aware of.

RAW Forest Foods ensures that our products are made with the highest quality, the purest, and most effective pine pollen available in the market.

All ingredients are carefully chosen using a majority of certified organic and ecologically wild-harvested materials. All products are processed and manufactured locally and all herbs such as capsules, tinctures and powders are developed in a certified organic facility. The team of RAW Forest Foods is committed to serve their customers with excellent service and high-quality products.

RAW Forest Foods produces a full line of different types of Pine Pollen products, including capsules, tablets, powders, formulas, and tinctures. RAW Forest Foods offer a complete line of Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen products such as Pine Pollen Tincture, Pine Pollen Formulas, Pine Pollen Powder and Powdered Extract. The Endocrine Strengthening Formula contains Pine Pollen extract to help increase the health and effecency of the body’s own, inate endocrine system.

What makes RAW Forest Foods Tinctures different?

Tinctures (or liquid extracts) are an important way of extracting, preserving and using herbs from plants and other elements. When creating tinctures, there are two basic components: the extracted substance and the liquid solution it is extracted into.

Usually, tinctures are developed using a mixture of plants, alcohol, and water. The compounds are suspended in the liquid while the solid substances are removed.

RAW Forest Foods provides only Clinical Grade Tinctures. The term Clinical Grade Tincture pertains to the ingredients used as well as the facility where these are developed and manufactured including the FDA cGMP standards and effectiveness of the extract.


In preparation for the extraction, cGMP requires a strict documentation of the procedure. There are guidelines that must be followed in order to ensure that the ingredients listed on the label are specified clearly.

This includes the following steps:

1. Collection of raw materials used such as plants, fungi, water, alcohol and other sources that need to be extracted.

2. Selection of herbs as well as cleaning the materials.

3. Powdering of herbs to maximize the extraction successfully.

4. Measuring the ratio of the extraction for the final output.

Extraction Ratio

Tinctures are required to have a measured extraction ratio. This procedure specifies the quantity of herb in the extract including the amount of herb used in the production and the equivalent volume of that herb in the final output. The first number in the ratio pertains to the amount of herb in relationship to the amount of liquid used which is taken from the second number.

RAW Forest Foods provide a 2:1 ratio which means that the tincture is twenty times more concentrated than other products commonly available by other companies. With this ratio, every tincture dropper equals to 2.4 grams of fresh herb.

Combination of Ingredients

During extraction, the herbs are mixed with a solvent. Although there are different kinds of solvents, ethanol or alcohol and water is widely used. These solutions are easy to find, non-toxic, safe, effective, and produces a full range of extracts. RAW Forest Foods uses a combination of pharmaceutical grade ethanol or alcohol and filtered water.

Once the raw materials are mixed together, these ingredients must be kept for at least 2 weeks to ensure maximum extraction. The extraction ratio is determined by the weight of the herbs used in ratio to the quantity of alcohol. After the herbs and liquid are combined, the ingredients are stirred and kept in storage. The storing process is also referred to as percolation while the mixture of herbs and liquid is known as a menstruum.


Once a full extraction has taken place, the menstruum is pressed to isolate the liquid from the solid substance. During this process, the compounds in the herb are already dissolved in the liquid. The solid particles are left to waste which is also called a marc.

The procedure of pressing is usually done by a hydraulic pressure or vacuum. After pressing and removal of marc, the output of the liquid is then filtered. The final output of the liquid is bottled, labeled stored.

RAW Forest Foods provide different extraction procedures in their products. These include liquid or tincture extracts, hot water powdered extracts and ethanol or alcohol powdered extracts. These methods produce standard procedures that identify the exact amount of herbs used before and after the extraction. This type of procedure is significant in using herbal medicines and researching the uses of herbs.

How to Take a Tincture

There are many techniques of using tinctures but the most widely used are by mixing it with water or placing it directly below the tongue.

It’s very easy to follow. Just fill a glass with 2 to 3 ounces of water, drop an amount of tincture and drink it. If you have apprehensions on the taste or content, you can heat up the water before it boils, add the tincture. The warmth of the water will condense the flavor of alcohol.

Most prefer the quickest way and just squirt the dropper directly under the tongue and keep it there for a couple of minutes. This method allows the medicine to spread and enter the blood supply through the veins.

The tincture is absorbed by the soft tissues in the mouth specifically the tongue. The compounds are able to pass through directly. Technically, it promotes quick absorption.

These methods contain fast absorbing benefits and do not need to pass the small intestines. Both techniques are easy and effective.

Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits

Most are concentrated on the Pine Pollen’s pro-androgenic phyto-hormones. These components are considered safe and do not interfere with the normal hormone function in the body (cases of extreme abuse may interfere). Androgen hormones have strong effects in building healthy bone structure and muscle mass, high metabolism, strong immune system, skin elasticity, libido, healthy breasts, testicles, and prostates.

Aside from these pro-androgenic compounds present, Pine Pollen has over 200+ active compounds.

There are many benefits attributed to Pine Pollen and Pine Pollen Tincture, including:

  • Improves cardiovascular health and lowers cholesterol;
  • Boosts the immune system;
  • Have anti-inflammatory effects and anti-fatigue components;
  • Improves heart, blood, liver, and brain conditions;
  • Help promote cognitive functions;
  • Promotes healthy skin and improves skin elasticity, may help with acne;
  • Detoxifies the body and liver;
  • Helps restores healthy androgen levels;
  • Possible increase in libido and male fertility;
  • Promotes prostate health;
  • Balances estrogenic and androgenic hormones;
  • Aids in weight management and obesity by building muscle mass;
  • Improves endocrine function (see our Endocrine Strengthening Formula);
  • Reduces sensitivity to pain;
  • Boosts mental function;
  • Cell regeneration;
  • High in antioxidants.*
  • Pine Pollen is known to promote longevity. Based on research, it has strong anti-aging benefits thanks to its amino acid components. Other health benefits of Pine Pollen includes an increase in energy levels, restores endocrine levels and helps tone the body. It also assists in the recovery period after exercise.

    This ingredient is proven beneficial for any age or gender. However, it is most suitable for middle-aged or older men with certain kinds of illness or condition that may prove to be beneficial from consumption of pine pollen. Older men sometimes suffer from androgen insufficiency which causes a low libido, high estrogen levels, erectile dysfunction, low energy, and other dysfunctions.

    Pine Pollen is a popular ingredient used in Chinese medicine for many years. It is proven safe for human consumption. There are more than 20 kinds of amino acids found in this ingredient.

    These components fit the recommended standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).The FAO provides a standard ratio of both essential and non-essential amino acids. This serves as a guide for food consumption that contains these components.

    Allergic Reactions

    There are some people who are allergic to Pine Pollen. However, the percentage is relatively small compared to other types of pollen. Roughly around 1.5 to 10 percent are found to be allergic which is also dependent on the location. You can start with small doses until you ca confirm that you have no allergic reactions to it.

    Some symptoms of pine pollen allergy include red, itchy, and tearing eyes, eye bags, runny nose, and cough. In some cases, it may worsen asthma.

    Pine Pollen and Testosterone

    Most people are focused on the role of Pine Pollen in increasing the testosterone. A lot of attention has been directed to the androgenic components including phyto-androgen hormone as well as the rise in the testosterone level in the body. Based on analysis, this property contains phyto-chemicals that stimulate androgenic or male sex hormones. It is a known source of sterols and brassinosteroids from a testosterone boosting plant.

    Sterols are steroid-like substances that are extremely potent and stimulates plant growth while Brassinosteroids is also known as a powerful stimulant. Both elements are testosterones for plants.

    In some cases, when using other methods of ingesting pine pollen, androgens may not reach the bloodstream. Some molecules may be destroyed in the digestive system. Tinctures, in particular, are a great way to make sure that these elements reach the blood stream. This is an advantage over other methods.

    Once you ingest a pine pollen tincture, it raises the testosterone levels within just a few minutes. The testosterone levels found in the blood stream tend to go up during mid-morning, mid-afternoon and very earl morning. Aging slows down the peak levels.

    There are no side effects from ingesting pine pollen. However, teenagers specifically under the age of 20, should avoid taking this supplement due to their hormonal levels.

    There are many various effects of low testosterone levels in both men and women. It can increase bad cholesterol, bone and tissue loss, premature aging, weight gain, high and low blood sugar and sexual dysfunction. For men, it may pertain to a higher chance of developing prostate cancer. Low testosterone levels may be linked to lack of proper nutrition and aging.

    Taking pine pollen tinctures upon waking up, at noon and before bed time will help increase and stimulate the body’s testosterone production. One of the elements found in pine pollen is the Androstenedione which is converted directly to testosterone or sometimes to estrogen.

    Where to Buy Pine Pollen

    The availability of pine pollen is quite limited in North America and Europe but is more commonly used in Asia. If you want to know where to buy pine pollen, you can purchase it from the website of RAW Forest Foods.

    Overall, a pine pollen extract is a powerful ingredient that has profound health benefits. It is a wonderful supplement rich in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Due to its many beneficial properties, pine pollen may help to extend one’s longevity.

    It has gotten much attention due to its role in increasing testosterone levels. However, there are many other benefits you can get from taking this natural ingredient. It is rich in antioxidants supports our immune system particularly the reproductive hormones in our body.

    This herbal component has many functions that greatly affect our everyday lives. It can help us improve our overall health and protect us from harmful diseases. 

    *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Aug 16, 2016 Ryan Wade

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