(re)Learning to Move with MovNat

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(re)Learning to Move with MovNat

The idea of real movement is permeating our collective brains right now, and I'm so glad for that. The whole Cross Fit thing was great to introduce movement into fitness, something that has been largely lacking in fitness.

As my inability to stay indoors has grown over the years, I've been looking more and more into ideas of fitness in the world. Not in a gym. The ideas of Erwan Le Corre and MovNat are right there. Of course, you don't really need a fitness program, what you need is right in front of you (or right out of the door).

Want some inspiration? Check out this video from MovNat . It will convince you in a matter of minutes both why you want to stay in shape, and what the best ways to get in shape are (if you need a hint it involves sunshine and does not involve buying anything).

When you're done, listen to this great interview with Erwan Le Corre on Sean Croxton's Underground Wellness, and realize that everything you need is already all around you (this is good and bad news...bad because it removes your excuses, good because it empowers you!). And move while you're listening to it. Then go outside and climb a tree, I promise it will be harder than your workout at the gym.

Jun 16, 2011 Ryan Wade

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