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Stacking and Cycling Pine Pollen to Improve Testosterone

Posted by Ryan Wade on Jan 27, 2017

improve testosterone

Looking Beyond a Simple Routine

Pine Pollen gains great attention because of its phyto-androgens (male sex hormones), and while measurements like testosterone levels can help enlighten upon a larger picture, focusing solely on those phyto-androgens fails to acknowledge all that Pine Pollen has to offer and fails to illustrate how a foundational approach to wellness and support and provide long lasting effects and benefits.

With that said, the overall objective of this cycle does focus on the metric of testosterone. But keep in mind that using this metric is shorthand for the ultimate goal of improved health and wellness over the long term. So while this cycle is intended to improve testosterone levels, its ultimate objective is much greater.

The cycle is broken down into two parts, each to be cycled for six to eight weeks (preferably eight). This provides ample time for the herbs to work, as tonic, strengthening, and adaptogenic herbs take at a minimum four weeks to being working to their potential.

Stopping use at six weeks would only provide two weeks of noticeable benefit, and at eight weeks they are able to produce marked change. However, longer than eight weeks and the body can begin to become acclimated and accustomed to them. And that is why they are cycled. 

Pine Pollen Cycling for Improved Testosterone

The following routine consists of two separate stacks that are intended to be cycled on either a six or eight (ideal) week interval. The goal of this stack is two parted:

Firstly, to support the body and signal the endocrine system to increase production of luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and consequently testosterone and the other androgen hormones.

  • Supplementing with the phyto-androgens present in Pine Pollen to immediately elevate testosterone levels;
  • Feed the endocrine system with the deep nutrition provided by Pine Pollen and Shilajit;
  • Decrease the stress response and increase the stress threshold, while fine turning immune function and endocrine function with the adaptogens presenet in Elephant Mountain Ginseng Formula (EMGF);
  • Decrease estradiol (an estrogen metabolite) while maximizing free testosrerone with the addition of Nettle Root or Beta-Sitosterol.

Secondly, this routine is to help fight stress and inflammation. Overtime, it appears that stress and inflammation can drive many of the symptoms associated with low testosterone (depression, poor sexual drive, changes in body composition, and more). The objective here is to help produce long term changes and results by taking a multifactorial approach.

  • Resetting and increasing luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and thus testosterone and sperm production with Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) Extract;
  • Deceasing inflammation, supporting prostate health, and providing continued nutritional support with Brassica Pollen;
  • Continue reaping benefits (adaptogenic, restorative, nutritional) with Shilajit;
  • Build foundational strength and balance excess stimulation (heat) from Shilajit, Tongkat Ali, and EMGF with TapRoot;
  • Support prostate health while maximizing free testosterone and decreasing estradiol with either Nettle Root, Beta-Sitosterol, or Estrogen Detox.

Cycle 1: Complete for 6 - 8 Weeks

RAW Pine Pollen

Here,  RAW Pine Pollen is ideal because of the nutritional support it offers. This can be used as a powder, capsule, or tablet—but it has to be RAW. Aside from the phyto-androgens and adaptogenic compounds present in Pine Pollen, the nutrient profile of Pine Pollen can help support healthy endocrine function.


Shilajit is combined in this cycle because of its deeply nutritive properties (certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies are known to result in low testosterone), and also for its adaptogenic and tonic properties. In Ayurvedic medicine, Shilajit is considered to be one of the most important medicines for treating a wide array of difficult conditions.

Elephant Mountain Ginseng Formula

Continuing the theme of adaptogens,  EMGF is included here to assist and to support the body with mitigating stress and in healing from the deleterious effects of it. Additionally, adaptogens can help fight inflammation, improve mood, testosterone production, and libido. 

Unlike the vast majority of adaptogens which offer initial stimulation but overtime can lead to increased heat (inflammation) in the body, our Elephant Mountain Ginseng Formula has been designed to produce foundational, lasting adaptogenic benefits in a neutral, not warming formula.

Nettle Root Extract or Beta-Sitosterol

As testosterone levels improve, it is important to balance that with either Nettle Root Extract or isolated  Beta-Sitosterol (one of the active compounds present in Nettle Root). This is to help control sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), the enzyme aromatase, and the conversion of testosterone (and other androgenic hormones) to estradiol (a harmful estrogen metabolite). 

As the actions of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) are blocked, levels of free and active testosterone can increase. And as the enzyme aromatase is inhibited, less testosterone is converted into estradiol.

Bonus Addition for Cycle 1

For those seeking more immediate benefits, one of the following can be added to this cycle:  Pine Pollen TinctureEndocrine Strengthening Formula Tincture, or the Eros' Arrow Aphrodisiac Elixir Tincture

Cycle 2: Complete for 6 - 8 Weeks

RAW Brassica Pollen

Here, RAW Pine Pollen is cycled with  RAW Brassica Pollen. The purpose is to continue on with the nutritive support offered by RAW Pine Pollen, but to drop the added phyto-androgens that are present in it. Additionally, Cycle 2 seeks to be more anti-inflammatory than Cycle 1, and RAW Brassica Pollen is deeply anti-inflammatory. 


As in Cycle 1,  Shilajit is included here both as a powerful adaptogen and tonic and to support nutrition. By continuing to support deep nutrition with Shilajit and the RAW Pollens, the body is able to repair and rejuvenate from poor nutrition.

Tongkat Ali

In Cycle 1, Pine Pollen is used in part because of its phyto-androgens. These phyto-androgens can help supplement low testosterone levels in the body; however, the ultimate goal is to increase the body's innate (endogenous) production of the sex hormones.

The exact method of action (MoA) of  Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is still unknown, but its effects are not. Tongkat Ali has shown in numerous research papers to improve testosterone production and libido (as well as a host of other beneficial effects). 

Unlike supplementing with testosterone (either with herbs or pharmaceuticals), Tongkat Ali works at some point on the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal/testes axis to signal the body to produce more testosterone. This has the added benefit of improving sperm count and quality.

TapRoot Deep Jing Formula

The major difference between the  TapRoot Deep Jing and Elephant Mountain Ginseng Formula is that TapRoot provides more of a leveling effect and a foundational support. Meaning that TapRoot is more rejuvenating. This formula is designed to clear heat (inflammation) from the body, while also building reserves of energy (Yuan Qi and Jing) that are necessary for long lasting wellness. Over time, cycling TapRoot with EMGF provides complimentary actions to each other, so that the benefits of each can be enjoyed to their fullest. 

Nettle Root, Beta-Sitosterol, or Estrogen Detox

Just as in Cycle 1, Cycle 2 also focuses on maximizing levels of free testosterone and minimizing the conversion of testosterone (and other sex hormones) to estradiol. As such, this cycle also includes  Nettle Root Extract or Beta-Sitosterol.

However, it deviates from Cycle 1 in offering Estrogen Detox as a possible alternative. This is because Estrogen Detox offers powerful anti-aromatase actions (to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estradiol), and because it can help offer more added anti-inflammatory effects, help to promote improved liver health, and to improve estrogen detoxification with the goal of favorably affecting the ration of testosterone to estrogen in the body. 

Bonus Addition for Cycle 2

For those looking for even greater restorative effects from this cycle, the  Eternal Well Cordyceps Formula can be included with Cycle 2.