The Health Benefits of Pine Pollen

Health Benefits Of Pine Pollen

What are the Health Benefits of Pine Pollen?

This is a tricky question to answer, because there are two separate--but co-mingling--aspects to Pine Pollen which contribute to the overall health benefits that it can offer. As is well understood, Pine Pollen contains phyto-androgens, in the form of androstenedione, androsterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and testosterone. Additionally, Pine Pollen contains adaptogenic (adaptogen) compounds, including gibberellins and brassinosteroids, which can also enhance the male sex hormones. So in this way, the health benefits of Pine Pollen can be attributed to raising testosterone levels and correcting the estrogen to testosterone. Low testosterone, for both men and women, is correlated with many negative health effects. By raising testosterone, Pine Pollen can benefit the health when there are issues associated with low testosterone.

Pine Pollen: The Nutritional Side

In addition to the phyto-androgens present in Pine Pollen, it is also one of the most nutritionally dense foods that I have ever come across. To associate Pine Pollen as a superfood would be a disservice to it, since it has so much more to offer, and is so much more nutritionally dense, than those foods called superfoods. In this way, Pine Pollen benefits the health through correcting nutritional imbalances, which becoming increasingly present as we age. While all RAW Pollens, and even common bee pollen, are good sources of nutrition, where you look at a side by side comparison of Pine Pollen to the others, it has over double the amounts of many nutrients. We have extensive nutritional information about Pine Pollen posted in our Knowledge Base.

Additionally, to find specific information about the health benefits of Pine Pollen, look at any of the Extended Information on the Pine Pollen specific product pages, such as that of our RAW Pine Pollen. We also have an extensive Pine Pollen FAQ page that we have put together for our customers, which is another valuable resource is learning about the health benefits of Pine Pollen, there is even a specific FAQ entry titled "What are the Health Benefits of Pine Pollen?"

Sep 22, 2010 Ryan Wade

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