The Real Causes of Estrogen Toxicity

The Real Causes of Estrogen Toxicity

Estrogen Dominance

Rooting out the Sources of Estrogen Dominance

The negative effects of estrogen dominance and estrogen toxicity are wide and far reaching in the body, and a comprehensive, holistic approach is required for safe, effective, and complete estrogen detoxification. Single ingredients like DIM and most of the "formulas" on the market are shallow in their effects and reflect a total misunderstanding of the cause and the physiology of the body. While there are many straight forward answers and solutions to problems facing the body and compromising health, when the cause is complicated--as is the case here--so are the solutions. Such is the case in estrogen detoxing. Luckily, its not too complicated. But first we must understand the true source of estrogen toxicity.

There are many causes as to why and how someone could end up with estrogen dominance or estrogen toxicity, and as the field and science of endocrinology--especially environmental endocrinology--is still in its infancy, I would posit that the full breadth of reasons are still unknown and many of the rest are poorly understood or, even worse, misunderstood. But the basic mechanisms are known hard-fast.

The is no number one reason why someone is, or why people are, becoming increasingly estrogen dominant, because the reason is a confluence of factors, working systemically and individually at the same type. However, what is basically occurring across the board is the mass shut down of our detoxification pathways in the body coupled with the skyrocketing exposure to toxic compounds and chemicals in food and the environment, all taking place in bodies which are increasingly sedentary and isolated, which promotes a decrease in endogenous (made by the body) androgen levels and a rise in endogenous estrogen levels. Again, three confluent factors:

  1. Systematic shut-down of innate detoxification pathways;
  2. Skyrocketing exposure of toxic compounds and chemicals (including exogenous--outside source--estrogenic hormones);
  3. Sedentary and isolated lifestyles which promote low androgen and high estrogen levels.

Providing our Customers an In-depth Cause Analysis

The detoxification pathways in modern humans have become burdened to the point of malfunction leading to collapse.

Today, people eat toxic foods, we drink toxic water, and breath toxic air. Foods are polluted with agricultural chemicals, GMOs are hidden from customer awareness, they are grown in depleted and polluted soils, injected with growth hormones, anti-biotic, fed plastic and arsenic, and the list goes on and on. Water (when people drink it) is contaminated with PCBs, chlorine and fluoride, lead, arsenic, and PBA. Our air is dirty, polluted with smog and other particulate matters. At home, plastics throughout off-gas PCBs, including carpets, beds, and sofas.

For the most part, we should be in awe of how well the body does--how it can thrive--in these polluted environments. But even the healthiest people show contamination and stored toxins. These toxins overload our innate detoxification pathways, so that the normal wastes that need to be removed from the body cannot do so, and as such are stored in the body. Hormones are detoxified through the liver and eliminated through the large intestine. But livers are inflamed and over 2/3rds of the US population is constipated. So estrogen hormones store in the body, locked away in adipose tissue.

In this way, the systematic shut-down of innate detoxification pathways is leading to estrogen dominance and toxicity, all because our bodies have become too burdened by our environments. And notice, the exposure I wrote about above is a "best case scenario." I did not address the exceptionally poor diets of the majority of people, the exceptionally polluted environments of many, from FRACing ( MU Researchers Find Fracking Chemicals Disrupt Hormone Function) to industrial waste to manufacturing to smog, and I did not address the constant use of pharmaceutical and recreational drugs and alcohol, which compound and magnify all of the above.

With a toxic food way and a toxic environment (air and water), the majority of people also live a lifestyle which promotes toxin accumulation and the superabundance of estrogen and the under-abundance of androgen.

For men and women alike, inactive lifestyles promote a state of estrogen dominance in several ways. Firstly, increasing the heart rate, the breathing rate, and getting a good sweat on turns on and amplifies detoxification in the body. Do this enough times in a row, and you even increase resting metabolism, so your burning more fat and eliminating those stored toxins through sweat and breath, and through urine and feces. All systems which improve as we exercise more. But most of us do not exercise, which leads to a lifestyle which promotes poor detoxification and the accumulation of toxins, including estrogen compounds.

Secondly, an inactive lifestyle promotes estrogen dominance because participation in sports and doing well in them actually increases secretion of testosterone. For testosterone, winning is winning. The more you excel, the higher your testosterone. Furthermore, it is been found that for men, being in the presence of other men increases testosterone. In this way, our lack of exercise coupled with our general isolation promotes low testosterone. Isolation is the third factor in how our modern sedentary lifestyles are promoting high estrogen and low testosterone.

Lastly, sports science has known for the past 40 years that certain full body exercises promote testosterone and growth hormone production. By staying inactive, these benefits are unattainable. All of these factors promoting estrogen dominance all fit nicely together, and as you begin to correct one you begin to correct them all.

Safe, Effective, Holistic Estrogen Detoxification

Estrogen Detox for Estrogen Detoxification

In better understanding how the body has come to be estrogen toxic, a better understanding of the multiple needs in complete estrogen detoxification is revealed. It is not simply enough to release stored estrogen, because that released estrogen will just be caught in a cycle of systemic body toxicity. The innate detoxification pathways in the body must first be supported, so that detoxified estrogenic compounds can be flushed from the body. Secondly, adipose tissue must release stored estrogen, and thirdly estrogen receptors must be blocked from re-uptaking the released estrogen. Then, that estrogen must be "deactivated" while it travels through the body and out of the body.

Please see our sister website for complete information about estrogen toxicity, dominance, and detoxification.

Sep 08, 2013 Ryan Wade

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