Tongkat Ali and Raising the Testosterone Thermostat

Tongkat Ali and Raising the Testosterone Thermostat

tongkat ali and raising

Tongkat Ali and Raising the Testosterone Thermostat

Most herbs that raise testosterone levels--what is known as androgenic herbs--do so utilizing what I like to call the LH/FSH pathway. This pathway increases the production of lutinizing hormone (LH) in the anterior pituitary gland, which increases the production of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), the hormone directly responsible for signaling the sertoli cells in the testies to produce testosterone. The LH/FSH pathway is an important mechinism for safely and effectivly increasing the body's own production of testosterone. Our Endocrine Strengthening Formula utilizes the LH/FSH pathway to increase testosterone production.

However, this is not how Tongkat Ali, Eurycoma longifolia. Tongkat utilizes a much higher level of processing in the body, which makes it the companion to combine with herbs that utilize the LH/FSH pathway. But before we get into Tongkat Ali, let's learn a little more anatomy and physiology.

99.9% of hormones in the body are regulated by a process called negative feedback. What this means is that the presence of a hormone actually turns off the production of that hormone. Homeostasis--the ideal state of the body--uses negative feedback to monitor most bodily functions. When levels drop, the body increases production of the hormone who's levels have just dropped. All sex hormones use negative feedback to maintain healthy levels. Each person will have a different "set point" that the body uses as a reference for homeostasis. Drop below the set point, and you will produce more (lets say) testosterone until you reach that "set point."

Negative feedback is very similar to the thermostat in your home: when you set the thermostat at 65 degrees, if the temperature drops below 65 degrees, the heat kicks in and brings the temp back up to 65. Of course, some people will keep their thermostat at 65, others at 70, and still others will keep the thermostat cranked up all winter at 78 or 79. Whatever the reading on the thermostat is the homeostasis of your home. If it is 70, then your "set point" is 70. Want it warmer, turn it up. Cooler? Turn it down. Simple enough.

But what about in the body? How can you change the "set point" of your own thermostat? What if you want to change the point at which the body shuts off testosterone production? If someone wanted to increase testosterone production in the body, changing that set point would be one of the most effective ways to do this. The change would be slow, but the overall effect would be long lasting and dramatic.

And this is the exact method that Tongkat Ali utilizes to increase testosterone production. Tongkat Ali walks over to your "testosterone thermostat" and turns it up. Way up.

Tongkat Ali works alone to increase testosterone production, but the effects of Tongkat Ali really shine when combined with herbs that up the LH/FSH pathway. When these two classes of androgenic herbs are combined, the production of testosterone is affected through increasing LH and FSH levels, which signal higher testosterone production, and the thermostat is turned way up, keeping the production high over the long run.

Oct 28, 2012 Ryan Wade

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