Why a Pine Pollen for Everyone Else?

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Why a Pine Pollen for Everyone Else?

One year ago RAW Forest Foods became the first company to offer raw pine pollen powder in the US. We started after pine pollen proved to be a vital, tremendous component in a path of healing. It was obvious, because there was no one in the US selling rawpine pollen powder. What to do: become a resource for you and for your healing.

Over the past year we've been researching and trying many, many products, to find something that parallels, out preforms, or simply adds synergy to pine pollen. We are now the source for the highest quality Shilajit available, and this stuff is changing lives. We are also happy to offer the Endocrine Strengthening Formula, the most powerful tonic extract we have ever come across. But there is more.

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be offering a "pine pollen for everyone else." The past few months have been full of an incredibly exciting new food that we have not told a single person about, and just over the past few days started to leak hints to it on Facebook. This is a pine pollen for everyone else.

Why should you be interested in this? Because if you are not a male over the age of 40 years old, or someone suffering from low androgen levels, pine pollen is adding unnecessary androgen into your physiology. Along with the androgen component, pine pollen also offers a nutrient profile (almost) unlike any other food in the world. And I'm sure you agree with me that pine pollen is unique in that it offers nutrition you can feel. Drink the freshest green juice you can find, you will NOT get the energy you will from one tablespoon of our RAW Pine Pollen Powder. The nutrient profile makes pine pollen the forerunner to be the backbone of everyone's diet.

That was the case, until we found this. Camellia Sinensis Pollen. Unlike pine pollen, Camellia Sinensis pollen actually increases endocrine incretion. In English, this means that it strengthens your hormone glands. By strengthening the glands, Camellia Sinensis pollen creates a rippling effect throughout your body, enabling it to produce normal, healthy levels of hormones, without adding xeno-hormones. This makes it the pine pollen for everyone else.

Who is everyone else: Males under 40 or who are not suffering from andropause (including men of any age who have had a vasectomy). Women of any age, including pre-and post-menopausal women. Camellia Sinensis pollen is for people who want the nutrient profile of pine pollen, don't want the added xeno-androgen, and who wants to increase their body's endocrine incretion.

One year ago we brought RAW Pine Pollen Powder to the US. We are dropping the bomb again and becoming the first to bring you RAW Camellia Sinsensis Pollen Powder. There will be copy cats again, but that's OK, because its nice to be the original. Watch our Facebook and Website, and this Blog, for the day when you can order this for yourself. We have it, we're just working on the logistics of getting it to you. And did we mention that we are living off of it?

May 06, 2011 Ryan Wade

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