Yunnan Mountain Pine Pollen Harvest

Yunnan Mountain Pine Pollen Harvest

At RAW Forest Foods, we are proud to be able to leverage our long standing relationships with our foragers and suppliers to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products. Our Pine Pollen is harvested in the Yunnan Province of Southwestern China--an area roughly the same size as California (152,000 sq miles). This is a clean, natural area far away from industry and pollution. Wondering about the pollution here would be like worrying about the pollution from New York City affecting plants growing in the Colorado Rockies. Below you can see the impressive mountain peaks and the vast remoteness of the Yunnan Mountains, where our Pine Pollen is harvested.

wild forest herbs

Pine Forests and Mountain Peaks in NW Yunnan

Below you can see an actual picture of a Pine Pollen harvest taking place in this remote territory. Here, the pollen is being collected from the ripe catkins of the Pinus massoniana pine tree.

ripe pine pollen catkins

Ripe Pine Pollen Catkins

The impressive geography combined with the potent plant sterols ( phyto-androgens) of Pine Pollen produce a truely unique experience. In this picture below you can again view an actual Pine Pollen harvest. This one is taking place within northwestern Yunnan, part of the Tibet Autonomous Zone. This area is in the eastern boundary of the Himalayan Mountains.

Wild-harvesting Pine Pollen

Wild-harvesting Pine Pollen

So when you are wondering where our Pine Pollen comes from, well, this is it. For more information, we have an expanded version of this page at our Knowledge Bank. This is the Pine Pollen we use in the full range of our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen, including our powders, extracts, and tinctures.

Feb 03, 2014 Ryan Wade

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