Female Friendly

Curated Phyto-Therapeutic Herbs and Formulas for Women

Our Female Friendly Product Guide showcases a meticulously curated selection of products, underpinned by rigorous research, extensive experience, and, most critically, valuable insights from our esteemed clientele. This guide is dedicated to those seeking knowledge about herbs and supplements specifically designed to support the health and wellbeing of women.

In this guide, we proudly present our exclusive range of RAW Flower Pollens, including the renowned Kunlun Mountain RAW Brassica Flower Pollen, the esteemed Farmer of Divinity Camellia Flower Pollen, and the revered Longmen Mountain Sacred Lotus Flower Pollen. These unique RAW Flower Pollens are crafted to provide benefits akin to RAW Pine Pollen™, yet distinctively formulated without the phyto-androgens found in Pine Pollen.

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Art and Science

Our practice is rooted in tradition, research, and clinical application.

High Integrity

We source and use the highest-integrity ingredients throughout our product line.

Expertly Crafted

Our products are artfully made in the USA in certified organic, FDA cGMP facilities.

Masterful Formulations

Developed and formulated by our experienced in-house clinical master herbalists.