Pine Pollen Alchemy Capsules — The Original Master Endocrine Formula — 120 Count

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Primary Ingredients: Pine Pollen, He Shou Wu, Cordyceps
Features: Gluten Free, Made in the USA, Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated, Ready to Use, UV Protected, Vegan
Bottle Quantity: 120 Capsules
Servings per Container: 40
Product Guides: Estrogen Detoxification, Pro-Androgenics, Prostate Health, Tonics & Adaptogens
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Pine Pollen Alchemy Capsules: The Original Endocrine Formula

Master formulated and Built with 13 adaptogenic herbs to enhance the health benefits of Pine Pollen 

Quick Highlights

  • Built to enhance and improve the health properties of Pine Pollen;
  • Tonic and Adaptogenic, providing long term benefits with long term use;
  • Focused on repairing endocrine health and hormone production and balance;
  • Formulated by our resident Chinese medicine practitioner;
  • Made in the US using Full Spectrum, Full Potency Extracts in a certified organic, FDA cGMP facility. *

What is The Original Endocrine Formula?

We originally developed this formula in 2012. The goal was to take Pine Pollen and formulate it to become a true adaptogen, one that keeps on improving—working with the blueprint of the body—the longer you take it. At the time, this product was the first formula known that incorporated Pine Pollen, and since that time, it has been a customer favorite.

The original formula has been updated several times, reflecting the knowledge we have gained both about the herbs and about the needs of our customers. Working with our resident Chinese herbalist and acupuncture, the current iteration of this formula is the best yet—and it contains over 17% more active ingredients than the previous one. 

Pine Pollen Alchemy is comprehensive. It does not need to be paired with another product, with another herb, to excel. The goal is to improve and to amplify the restorative, tonic, and adaptogenic properties of Pine Pollen, with a focus on long term use and benefit. This is an ideal formula for mid-age and late and for those seeking foundational health. It is excellent for men and women, and from a Chinese medicine perspective, it is considered to be a blood building formula.

While the main objective with the formula is to improve endocrine health and hormone balance and production, because it is such a comprehensive formula, it provides holistic benefits. After all, the body works as a unified whole, and if the goal is to repair the function of one system, then health needs to be addressed system wide.

This is a perfect product for those wanting a long term approach to Pine Pollen, with a comprehensive, integrative formula that delivers sustained benefits over time.

What Our Customers are Saying

Pine Pollen Alchemy Capsules: The Original Endocrine Formula

"My life will never be the same again, this product is absolutely perfect, I can't even explain how [happy I am] that I ordered it. I [felt] like I can lift 500lb with one hand, my mood has never been better. Every day like [a] birthday!" — Dmitry
"I am not sure how I got by before discovering this formula, my quality of life has improved dramatically. Thank you [RAW] Forest Foods." — Chelsie

Formula Availability

In addition to having Pine Pollen Alchemy available in capsule form, you will find it as a tincture (a liquid ethanol extract). Tinctures tend to have a more rapid and uplifting effect, and are ideal for those with a weak or otherwise impaired ability to digest and absorb food or for anyone prioritizing speed and ease of use.

But when the goal is to restore at a deep and fundamental level, we prefer the capsules.

You will find the tinctures here. 

Pine Pollen Alchemy May Aid in Supporting:

  • The phyto-androgenic present in Pine Pollen may help support a swift rise of those hormones in the body;
  • Improving and fortifying the health of the endocrine system;
  • Greater ratio of free testosterone to inactive and bound testosterone (through the actions of Nettle Root);
  • As a tonic and adaptogenic formula, use may promote an increase in androgenic hormone (including testosterone) production and increased fertility in males;
  • Lower levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), aromatase, and estradiol;
  • Estrogen detoxification and improving/balancing testosterone and estrogen in men and women.*

Key Benefits of the Pine Pollen Alchemy Herbs

He Shou Wu (Rhizoma Polygonum multiflorum)

In Chinese Medicine, He Shou Wu is used to nourish and replenish the Yin. As we age, Yin is diminished and the body weakens. By building Yin, the substance of the body can be repaired and, ultimately, youthful vigor can be restored. He Shou Wu is a classic longevity tonic.

Pine Pollen (Pinus massoniana)

Pine Pollen is a popular herb used to promote male health because of its phytosterols, which are plant analogs of the male sex hormones. Pine Pollen helps to supplement the body and thus, elevate androgen levels. It is an adaptogen that balances the endocrine system and promotes improved hormone levels.

Shu Di Huang (Rehmannia glutinosa)

Shu Di Huang, or Rehmannia, is the prepared root tuber of Rehmannia glutinosa. It has the ability to strongly nourish blood. Rehmannia supports kidney and liver Yin deficiency. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, many of the symptoms of low testosterone and burnout are mirrored in kidney Yin deficiency.

Dang Shen (Codonopsis pilosula)

Dang Shen, or Codonopsis, is especially great for those experiencing burnout, premature aging, and other related conditions. Codonopsis may be a much better choice over many of the popular adaptogens, because while it increases energy, it is also nourishes, supports the blood and generates fluid in the body. Dang Shen fortifies the body, while healing underlying illness and disease.

Astragalus Root (Astragalus membranaceus)

Astragalus is one of the most highly researched and prized longevity tonics and adaptogenic herbs, with use dating back literally thousands of years. Astragalus Root helps the body mitigate stress, and thereby reducing cortisol and repairing the immune system.

Dang Gui (Angelicae sinensis)

Dang Gui, or Angelica, is included for its ability to build blood and for its ability to relieve blood and Qi stagnation. Similar to He Shou Wu, Dang Gui is adding fuel to the fire, increasing the body's innate reserves for energy.

Bai Shao (Paeoniae alba)

Bai Shao, or Paeonia, is considered cooling in nature and helps to balance of the other warming, stimulating herbs in our Pine Pollen Alchemy Capsules, including Chinese Ginseng and Cordyceps. While being cooling in nature, Paeonia helps to support blood and Yin and nourish the Yang of the body, while helping to preserve to Yin and Wei Qi.

Chuan Xiong (Ligusticum chuanxiong)

Chuan Xiong is used in our Pine Pollen Alchemy Capsules to help activate and potentiate the other ingredients in the formula. In Chinese herbal medicine, Chuan Xiong is used to invigorate the blood and move Qi. It is one of the best herbal medicines for blood and Qi stasis.

Stinging Nettle Root (Urtica dioica)

The root of the common Nettle plant has clinically been shown to be a potent male plant ally with many potential benefits for male reproductive health. Nettle Root may help reduce SHBG, and thereby reducing the amount of testosterone that is converted into the harmful estrogenic metabolite Estradiol. (Please see our Våren Forest Nettle Root Powdered Extract and Våren Forest Nettle ß-Sitosterol Capsules)

Chen Pi (Pericarpium Citri reticulatae)

Chen Pi is classified as a carminative, which helps to regulate Qi. Chen Pi helps to increase and improve blood flow, helping to deliver the formula throughout the body.

Chinese Ginseng Root (Panax ginseng)

Chinese, or Panax, Ginseng has repairative endocrine system abilities and other adaptogenic effects.
It is a potent adaptogen, but it is included here specifically for its gonadotropic properties, which promotes and increases the production of testosterone and other androgenic hormones in cases of low testosterone. It also helps promote male fertility, including increased sperm count and sperm quality.

Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis)

Cordyceps has been enjoyed for thousands of years for its use as a tonic. Cordyceps has longevity benefits, as well as is used as a reproductive tonic. It can increase libido, vitality, and promote athleticism. Cordyceps balances some of the other herbs included in the formula for increased long-term effectiveness.

Bai Jai (Fructus Tribulus terrestris)

In Ayurvedic medicine, Bai Jai, or Tribulus, is known as Bindi. Tribulus promotes male reproductive health, including endocrine health. It can increase male fertility, with studies showing it increases not only the number, but quality, and swimming ability of sperm. Tribulus is also used an androgenic and gonadotropic plant, which increases the production of androgen hormones.

Where to Buy Pine Pollen Alchemy Capsules?

RAW Forest Foods offers 120 count jars of Pine Pollen Alchemy Capsules, with 40 servings (3 capsules per serving) per bottle. As with all of our products, we source our ingredients as close to the producers—farms and forests—as possible, visiting sites and meeting with growers, wild-harvesters, and processors.

Pine Pollen Alchemy: The Original Endocrine Formula

pine-pollen-alchemy-capsules-supplement-facts-1.jpgSuggested Usage

Suggested usage is 3 capsules, taken as needed. Dosage may be broken up throughout the day into two servings: Two capsules in the morning and 1 capsule before bed.

Our favorite way to consume this product is with several ounces of water, taken on an empty stomach.

Learn more about using all of our products here.

Ideal Storage

A cool, dry place, away from sunlight and moisture.

Cycling Herbs

Herb cycling schedules can be beneficial when healing. If you prefer to rotate your pro-androgenic and tonic herbs, we suggest a schedule of five days on, and two days off, or four weeks on and one week off.

Pine Pollen Alchemy: The Original Endocrine Formula Certificate of Analysis (CofA)

  • Certificate coming soon;


Before starting any new medicinal herbs or nutritional supplements (from our company or otherwise), customers should consult with their qualified healthcare practitioner. This not because we question the safety of our products, but because we believe in the strength of our products and that plants have a medicinal, therapeutic potential.

This product is not for use by those under the age of 18, who are pregnant or nursing, or who are allergic or adverse to any of the ingredients contained within.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please consult our full Terms and Conditions for more information

Quick Facts

View our Pine Pollen Alchemy quick facts PDF (Coming Soon).

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6 Reviews
  • Still too soon to tell

    Posted by Lou on Nov 30, 2020

    I’m just finishing my first bottle of Pine Pollen Alchemy. So far so good, but considering its benefits are achieved over a longer duration than other supplements, I think it’s still too early for me to tell if I’m receiving its full benefits. I did order a second bottle, so maybe I can follow-up with another review after the second or third bottle.

  • great product

    Posted by robert ball on Nov 14, 2019


  • Great Products! HORRIBLE Customer Service!

    Posted by funcooker on Mar 18, 2017

    Maybe non-existent cs would be more accurate. You will love the products though. But do your research on line and ask other companies if you have specifics about certain herbs, because no matter how many times you try, you will not here from them. And the one time I actually did get a reply, it took 2 1/2 weeks and whoever I spoke with had communication issues. It's infuriating. That being said, the products themselves are very high quality and I have noticed a difference.

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