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Powdered Extracts

Clinical Grade Single Herbs Extracts, Mushrooms & Master Formulas

Powdered ExtractsPowdered extracts allow the individual ingredients of our products to shine. There is something special about seeing the materials right there—not in capsules, tablets, or tinctures. And powdered extracts are much more economical for our customers, allowing a higher, more effective dosage. They're all ready to use, with no further processing or extraction necessary: Simply add to warm water and drink. You'll feel them right away.

✖  All of our powdered extracts—and all our products—are made with certified organic or wild-harvested herbs whenever possible.

We seek to offer single herbs and formulas that offer promise for our customers, not to offer every herb under the sun. These are hand selected, targeted products with an emphasis on building and fortifying the endocrine system and the immune system, and for promoting longevity. Our ingredients are sourced for their high quality and integrity, and all of our products are processed here in the US in an FDA cGMP facility.