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RAW Kunlun Mountain Brassica Pollen Powder

Our Raw Brassica Pollen is a wellness and longevity tonic, suitable for everyone as a general vitality producing and enhancing food. As a vitality tonic, it is deeply nutritive and potent antioxidant. At the seat of the majority of degenerative diseases is inflammation, and Brassica pollen offers unique anti-inflammatory nutrition.. Additionally, this product is for those looking to decrease fat stores, improve detoxification, and promote a healthy immune system. This pollen is for everyone looking to integrate all raw Pollens into their daily protocol to promote wellness and longevity without the added phytoandrogens present in Pine Pollen.

Brassica Pollen is especially vital for improving prostate health while containing all of the properties present in all RAW Pollens.

What Others Are Saying

RAW Brassica Pollen

"First of all, [RAW] Forest [Foods] is the only source of brassica pollen I've found. So get it here, or don't get it at all. I take it on an empty stomach, upon arising, along with nettle root extract and cistanche extract, whisked into warm water ( and ginger powder, for taste). I'm weaning myself gradually off of my Flowmax prostate prescription medicine. So far, so good. I'm confident in the knowledge that [RAW] Forest products are "the real deal", and that I' m consuming a quality product." — Haldor

Kunlun Mountain RAW Brassica Pollen May Support

  • Improve and promote prostate health;
  • Relieve symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH);
  • Promote adipose tissue lipolysis (fat loss);
  • Immune system support;
  • Improve liver health and detoxification;
  • Decrease inflammation.*

RAW Brassica Pollen Key Benefits

Like all our pollens, Brassica pollen is a nutrient dense Jing food, feeding the deep longevity reserves of the body. 18% of its weight is protein in the form of full spectrum raw amino acids. Brassica pollen contains many vitamins, minerals, and other phytochemicals and flavonoids in their raw, natural, beneficial state. Brassica Pollen is highly regarded for its deep nutrition, including a high protein content with 18 raw and vegan amino acids. Brassica campestris pollen is especially appreciated for promoting prostate health, increasing blood flow, and decreasing inflammation.

In classical Chinese medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Brassica pollen is used to activate Blood and treat Blood stasis. In Western medicine, this would improve the above conditions, but in Chinese medicine activating Blood and treating Blood stasis would promote Qi flow and distribution and promote Shen, our vital spirit.


Our Brassica campestris pollen is an ethically harvested bee pollen from organically grown Brassica flowers.

Taste Profile

Slightly sweet

Where to Buy RAW Brassica Flower Pollen?

RAW Forest Foods offers bulk, 70 gram pouches of RAW Brassica Flower Pollen Powder, with 35 servings (2 grams per serving) per pouch. As with all of our products, we source our ingredients as close to the produces—farms and forests—as possible, visiting sites and meeting with growers, wild-harvesters, and processors.

RAW Brassica campestris Pollen

Suggested Usage

Serving size is 2 grams, taken twice daily or as directed, preferably on an empty stomach. Once in the morning and once in the evening
Our favorite way to consume this product is with several ounces of water, taken on an empty stomach.

Learn more about using all of our products here.

Ideal Storage

A cool, dry place, away from sunlight and moisture.

Cycling Herbs

Herb cycling schedules can be beneficial when healing. If you prefer to rotate your pro-androgenic and tonic herbs, we suggest a schedule of five days on, and two days off, or four weeks on and one week off.

Quick Facts

View our RAW Brassica Pollen quick facts PDF.

Works Referenced

A steroid fraction of chloroform extract from bee pollen of Brassica campestris induces apoptosis in human prostate cancer PC-3 cells;
Advances in studies on natural medicines for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia;
Arvelexin from Brassica rapa suppresses NF-κB-regulated pro-inflammatory gene expression by inhibiting activation of IκB kinase;
Brassinolide, a plant growth-promoting steroid isolated from Brassica napus pollen;
Ethanolic Extracts of Brassica campestris spp. rapa Roots Prevent High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity via β3-Adrenergic Regulation of White Adipocyte Lipolytic Activity;
Protective effect of the cruciferous vegetable mustard leaf (Brassica campestris) against in vivo chromosomal damage and oxidative stress induced by γ-radiation and genotoxic chemicals.

Product Details

Product Family:
RAW Flower Pollens
Primary Ingredient:
RAW Brassica Flower Pollen
Primary Action*:
Functional Nutrition
Supporting Actions*:
Adaptogenic and Tonic; Endocrine System Health; Functional Nutrition; Immune System Health; Jing and Yuán Qi Tonic; Longevity and Healthspan
Product Form:
Extract Powders
Servings Per Container:
Net Contents:
70 Grams
Featured Product Guide:
Functional Nutrition
Product Features:
Ecologically Cultivated, Cracked Cell Wall (Bioavailable), Ethically Harvested, Ready-To-Use, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Made in the USA, UV Protected Packaging, Vegetarian


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Product Reviews

  • 4

    Solid Product for Prostate

    James on Nov 02, 2014

    I am in my mid 40s and have suffered from an undiagnosed enlarged prostate for years. I have to sit all day at work and I attribute the prolonged sitting with my prostate issues. This product has done a good job of minimizing my symptoms such as increased urination and trouble stopping the flow. A solid product that I'll keep ordering from RAW Forest Foods.

  • 5

    I love it!

    LOU FRAIOLI on May 17, 2022

    My 2nd batch . Works great as part of my prostate maintenance program.

  • 5

    RAW Brassica Flower Pollen

    Daniel on Nov 11, 2021

    it taste really good like bee pollen should and seems to helping with bph symptoms. its part of my coffee routine. like it alot

  • 5


    Luigi on Sep 22, 2020

    I am trying this for my prostate maintenance. Love these natural high quality products.

  • 5

    Raw Brassica Pollen

    Blanche-Marie on Feb 27, 2020

    I have inflammation in my fingers from over using my right hand. Now I wake up with this gone. I feel a lot better too. Great product!

  • 5

    Brassica pollen

    Haldor Issente on May 11, 2016

    First of all, Raw Forest is the only source of brassica pollen I've found . So get it here, or don't get it at all. I take it on an empty stomach, upon arising, along with nettle root extract and cistanche extract , whisked into warm water ( and ginger powder, for taste) ; two grams each of everything. Tastes good, to me. And I'm weaning myself gradually off of my Flowmax prostate prescription medicine. So far, so good. I'm confident in the knowledge that Raw Forest products are. " the real deal", and that I' m consuming a quality product.

  • 5

    Brassica helps lower PSA

    Alan on Feb 18, 2015

    The brassica pollen is an excellent quality and I believe it has aided in my reversing my PSA by a full point in less than 9 months. However, while I am happy with the quality of products from RAW, their customer service leaves much to be desired. I have sent at least 3 emails with questions regarding products and none of them have been answered.

  • 5

    Just received my brassica pollen

    Michael M. on Oct 21, 2014

    This just came out last week and I ordered right away, and I just received it yesterday (quick). I used it twice, once yesterday and once today, and its too early to give a full review, but so far I feel a definite boost (but this could be due to a placebo effect). As a young man with an enlarged prostate, I'm very interested in holistic approaches to prostate health. Didn't have to get up once last night to pee, so that's great. Seems to be extremely high quality (like other RFF products).

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Art and Science

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