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RAW Pollen Powders

Elevated Superfoods for Restorative, Deep, & Corrective Nutrition

RAW Pollen PowdersLet's be honest, the definition of what a superfood is eludes us. But we know that RAW Pollens exceed whatever the definition is. RAW Pollens work deeply in the body, offering corrective nutrition—healing the gaps where our Western diets and Western methods of agriculture are absent. Overtime, our nutritional deficiencies cause weakening and premature aging. RAW Pollens are dense in essential and non-essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein), vitamins and minerals (including important trace minerals), and many other nutritive and beneficial compounds.

✖  Within Chinese medicine, RAW Pollens are powerful Jing restoratives—unmatched and unlike anything else available. They restore the diet on a primitive, foundational level.

We are convinced—through our extensive history of working with Pine Pollen—that many of the profound effects of Pine Pollen are due to the nutritional support it offers and not the phyto-androgens in contains. This nutritional support is available in all our RAW Pollens. Our lightly processed RAW Pollens are nutritionally dense, highly digestible, and very easy to use and integrate into your daily routine.

Our Divine Farmer Camellia (Green Tea) PollenKunlun Mountain RAW Brassica Pollen, and Longmen Mountain Lotus Flower Pollen are the ideal choices for those that seek to gain the many benefits of RAW Pine Pollen without the pro-androgenics present in it.

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