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The Mushroom of Immortality*

Reishi Buddha Blend

RAW Reishi Spores Married to a Standardized Fruiting Body Extract

The Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is potentially the oldest and most revered medicinal herb used in traditional forms of Chinese, Eastern, and indigenous medicines throughout the Northern Hemisphere, with its use and benefits being prized for more than 4000 years.

The Chinese name for Reishi, Lingzhi, translates and alludes to  “supernatural mushroom” and “wonder mushroom,” giving us pause to ponder both the deep reverence for Reishi and the potential benefits it has to offer.

Two classes of compounds present in Reishi have been identified as being responsible for the majority of benefits that it has to offer:

  • Polysaccharides (mainly present in the Reishi fruiting body);
  • Triterpenes (mainly present in Reishi spores. 

Comparative to the fruiting body and the spores, the mycelium is relatively devoid of these medicinal compounds.

Our Reishi Buddha Blend is a comprehensive Reishi preparation, with a unique combination of organically cultivated RAW Reishi Spores (naturally high in triterpenes) and organic Duanwood Reishi Extract (standardized to contain 30% polysaccharides). It is the combination of these two that makes Reishi Buddha Blend a remarkable preparation and product.

Reishi Buddha Blend is masterfully crafted to provide the highest possible quality and integrity Reishi. Reishi Buddha Blend seeks to offer all the possible, positive benefits that this long-revered tonic has to offer.

From the Package

Our Reishi Buddha Blend Forest Formulation offers concentrated levels of the active compounds present in the mushroom.* Reishi Buddha Blend is a 1:1 combination of organically cultivated, RAW, cracked Reishi spores and organic Reishi fruiting body extract (30% polysaccharides). This formulation ensures comprehensive, potent levels of the triterpenes found in the spores and the polysaccharides present in the fruiting body of the Reishi mushroom*

Product Highlights

  • RAW Reishi Spores are lightly processed to increase digestibility;
  • Reishi Extract is standardized to include 30% polysaccharides;
  • From organically cultivated Duanwood Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum);
  • A bio-active and dense source of the medicinal polysaccharides, triterpenes, and beta-glucans found in the Reishi Fungi and in Reishi Spores.
  • Reishi is one of the top—if not the most—celebrated and studied tonics (adaptogens) in Chinese medicine;
  • Possibly benefits include modulating the immune system, endocrine system, and overall adaptogenic function;
  • Domestically packaged in a certified organic, FDA cGMP facility;
  • From RAW Forest Foods, the trusted leaders in pro-androgenic and tonic herbs.*

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Intended Uses

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What You'll Find Inside

Each pouch contains either 65 grams of our Reishi Buddha Blend—a 50/50 combination of RAW Reishi Spores and a standardized Reishi Extract. The opaque outer pouch protects the ingredients from damage and degradation by UV rays and helps to keep the contents dry. Inside you will find an additional re-sealable package, again to help promote freshness.

All RAW Forest Foods packaging is food grade and done domestically in a certified organic, FDA cGMP facility. We have selected to employ pouches for the packaging of our herbal powders because they require only a small fraction of the resources that bottles and jars do—they are the environmentally responsible choice.

Reishi Buddha Blend: An Overview

Reishi (known scientifically as Ganoderma lucidum and in Chinese as Lingzhi) is a highly regarded medicinal fungus with over 4000 years of celebrated use and literally thousands of scientific papers, ranking its many beneficial properties.

Reishi is a saprophytic fungus that grows on hardwoods, especially on oak and plum trees. A similar fungus (same genus), Ganoderma tsugae, grows wild on hemlock throughout the Americas, Europe, and parts of Asia (although studies citing medicinal properties of Ganoderma tsugae are lacking).

Reishi is used to promote longevity, immune and endocrine health, as a general health tonic, and to develop and enhance spiritual awareness and wellbeing.*

Today, over 400 medicinal compounds have been identified in Reishi mostly as part of the two groups of compounds known as polysaccharides and triterpenes. Research into Reishi has included possible benefits for improving immune function, autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, and with impaired immune systems such as HIV, cancer, and tumors.*

To ensure ample amounts of these compounds, our Reishi Buddha Blend contains a 50/50 blend of RAW Reishi Spores and Reishi Extract (read more below).

Offering You A Unique Marriage

Looking beyond current paradigms of both herbalism and modern Western medicine, RAW Forest Foods offers a unique, select form of one of the world's most powerful mushrooms and adaptogenic tonic herbs—Reishi Buddha Blend. Our Reishi Buddha Blend is a unique marriage of organic RAW Reishi Spores and a premier, organic, full spectrum Reishi Extract.

We created our Buddha Blend to be the Olympic standard of any Reishi preparation currently available—including powdered extracts, tinctures, whole raw Reishi, and even spore oils. We are able to achieve this with a blend of ingredients obtained using innovative methods and an artful combination, including cracking the cell walls of our Reishi Spores, a dual stage Reishi extract, and using only organic Duanwood Reishi.

This product contains only RAW Reishi Spores and a premier fruiting body Reishi Extract, standardized to contain 30% of the active polysaccharides found in the Reishi fungus. We use only organic certified Duanwood Reishi.

This blend is paramount in ensuring that all of the healing compounds available in Reishi are present and bio-available for our customers, including the polysaccharides, triterpenes, and beta-glucans.*

For those seeking the maximum therapeutic benefit of Reishi, a combination of spores and fruiting body is necessary.* The methods used to produce our Reishi Buddha Blend and specialized ingredients it contains carefully selected and prepared to ensure the highest grade Reishi available.

Historical Use and Ethnobotanical History

The historical use of Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is really a history of China over the past 4000 years when it was first written about as a longevity tonic in the classic medical texts during the Han Dynasty. In Chinese, Reishi is known as Lingzhi, the plant of immortality and spiritual potency. In Korean, it's known as Ling Chu, the plant of immortality and resurrection.

Throughout history, Reishi has been so highly prized by the ruling classes in China that at times it was illegal for anyone but royalty to possess or consume the fungus. Royalty would set out specialized envoys of fungi hunters into the ancient plumb tree forests throughout China to locate and harvest Reishi, bringing it back only for use by the royalty. Reishi was—and is today—considered the “elixir of life.” In current Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is used for a variety of purposes, including enchaining and modulating the immune system, fighting various infections, including like bird flu and hepatitis, as an adjunct therapy in fighting cancer, treating stomach illness, lung conditions like asthma, and in boosting general health, preventative medicine, increasing longevity, and enhancing the strength of the spirit. Having used it extensively, I can personally attest to many benefits of Reishi.

The historical use of Reishi goes beyond China and Korea. There is mention of Reishi by the Romans, who considered it to be a “food of the Gods.” In Egypt, it was considered to be a gift from the Egyptian god Osiris, the god of the afterlife, which speaks to the longevity-enhancing effects of Reishi.

The High Importance of Mushroom Extracts

All medicinal mushrooms and fungi, including Reshi, Chaga, and other popular medicinal mushrooms, must be extracted to become bio-available (digestible). The bodies of mushroom are composed of a unique polysaccharide called chitin (present in fungi and in the exoskeletons of Arthropods—like crabs and lobsters). Chitin is not digestible by humans and because of its lack of digestibility any nutrients or medicinal compounds present in the fungi are locked away, and this is why it is of paramount importance to use a mushroom and fungi extracts when using them medicinally. * People using mushrooms and fungi in their natural state (RAW, unextracted) receive only a small fraction of the beneficial chemicals locked away in their unique cells, and consuming chitin may cause gastrointestinal distress in man people. *

RAW Forest Foods prefers a dual stage hydroethanolic (hot water and alcohol) powdered standardized extracts for our medicinal mushrooms. This guarantees a known, standardized level of the medicinal polysaccharides and ensures the widest spectrum of all other compounds in a ready to use and highly digestible form, with the chitin broken down and the medicinal compounds digestible. * The use of dual stage hydroethanolic powdered extracts are the standard in the vast majority of scientific and medical research into specific medicinal fungi and these extracts are what we are proud to offer our customers.

Classical and Contemporary Chinese Medical Use

Reishi has been highly regarded as a premiere medicinal herb throughout history, but it is also one of the most rigorously studied and celebrated medicinal herbs today. So while it was renowned in the past as bringing happiness, good luck, health and longevity to those that used it, modern research has shown Reishi to be one of the most potent medicinal herbs in existence, with such powerful effects as modulating and healing the immune system, with recognized anti-cancer and anti-tumor benefits, reducing blood cholesterol and being a powerful antioxidant. In fact, over 400 healing compounds have been identified in Reishi (many of which occur only in the Reishi spores).

Classical and Traditional uses of Reishi include:

  • Use as an adaptogenic, tonic herb, which non-specifically promotes radiant health, longevity, and spiritual attainment;
  • Use  as the leading anti-aging herb;
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Reishi is used to tonify the Three Treasures: Jing (essence), Qi (life energy and life force) and Shen (spirit, awareness, and consciousness), as well as to protect and guard the liver and heart. Reishi, in a very literal way, increases the light in the eyes;
  • Use of Reishi to protect the entire body, nourishing the heart and protecting the liver (as part of classical Chinese medical traditions);
  • Through building then, the use of Reishi promotes a sense of mental and physical calmness, which might also be described as inner awareness and inner strength, centeredness, and balance. The anti-stress effects of Reishi help promote longevity and ensure a long and healthy life. Reishi was and is used by Taoist monks and other spiritual seekers and sages, who call it the “fungi of spiritual potency.” *

Reishi benefits many of the major organ systems in Chinese medicine, which in many instances overlap with their western anatomical synonyms and counterparts. Specifically, it benefits the following organ systems:

  • Liver, including the gallbladder;
  • Spleen, including the stomach and pancreas;
  • Lung, including the large intestine;
  • Heart, including the small intestine;
  • Kidneys, including the endocrine system, adrenals, and bladder;
  • Reishi used traditionally to build resistance to stress (including normal and premature aging), to detoxify both the cells and tissue of the body. Additionally, Reishi acts as a slight Central Nervous System (CNS) sedative while strengthening the CNS overtime, both relaxing and energizing the body and mind;
  • Epigenetics (while not a Chinese medicine term), Reishi may improve and/or corrects DNA/RNA synthesis. *

Current Use and Science from a Western Perspective

Serious research began into the medicinal quality of Reishi in the 1970’s when its cultivation was finally perfected in Japan. As stated above, Reishi is one of the most well researched medicinal herbs and over 400 active medicinal compounds have been identified in Reishi. * In short, Reishi has been researched for an almost unimaginable amount of benefits—far beyond what the classicists, the ancients, and the monks would have ever envisioned.

Major constituents present in Reishi Include:

  • Beta and hetero-Beta-glucans (antitumour and immunostimulating);
  • Ling Zhi-8 protein (anti-allergenic, immuno-modulating);
  • Ganodermic acids & triterpenes (anti-allergenic agents, cholesterol, and blood pressure reducing);
  • Many Polysaccharides with multiple benefits;
  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), an enzyme thought to have an anti-aging effect on the body;
  • Adenosine monophosphate, a possible positive effect on the cardiovascular system, lowering blood pressure when it is high and helping to clear blood vessel blockages;
  • Reishi also contains the minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, manganese, iron, and zinc. *

Western research into Reishi can be classified into the following categories:

  • Adaptogenic effects;
  • Analgesic effects;
  • Anti-cancer effects;
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and cardiotonic effects;
  • Immune enhancement;
  • Immune modulation and allergy alleviation;
  • Physiological effects. *

Current clinical research (in-vivo and in-vitro) into Reishi includes:

  • Analgesic;
  • Anti-allergic activity;
  • A Bronchitis-preventative effect, inducing regeneration of bronchial epithelium;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Antibacterial, against Staphylococci, Streptococci, and Bacillus pneumoniae (perhaps due to increased immune system activity);
  • Antioxidant, by eliminating hydroxyl free radicals;
  • Antitumor activity;
  • An antiviral effect, by inducing interferon production;
  • Lowers blood pressure;
  • Enhances bone marrow nucleated cell proliferation;
  • Cardiotonic action, lowering serum cholesterol levels with no effect on triglycerides, enhancing the myocardial metabolism of hypoxic animals, and improving coronary artery hemodynamics;
  • Regulation of circulating blood cholesterol;
  • Central depressant and peripheral anticholinergic actions on the autonomic nervous system reduce the effects of caffeine and relax muscles;
  • Enhanced natural killer cell (NK) activity in vitro in mice;
  • Expectorant and antitussive properties demonstrated in mice studies;
  • General immunopotentiation;
  • Anti-HIV activity in vitro and in vivo;
  • Improved adrenocortical (adrenal) function;
  • Increased production of Interleukin-1 by murine peritoneal macrophages in vitro;
  • Increased production of Interleukin-2 by murine splenocytes in vitro.*

For a more in-depth discussion, please read our article Furthering a Deeper Understanding of Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum).

Reishi Spores and Extract—The Importance Explained

As mentioned above, the major compounds are not shared in great quantities between Reishi Spores and the Reishi fruiting body.

Reishi spores are rich in the triterpenes, which are in low amounts in the fungus itself but are a major healing constituent, and without the triterpenes, many of the benefits of Reishi are missed. * However, Reishi Spores are rare and, like Pine Pollen, are almost completely indigestible if they are not properly processed first. Over one ton (2000 pounds) of Reishi fungi produces only one pound of Reishi Spores.

We use the same low temperature, high-velocity fracturing process to crack the walls of our Reishi Spores that we use to crack the cell walls of our Pine Pollen. This produces Reishi Spores that are in their RAW, natural state, yet are now highly bio-available to the body, since the cell walls have been destroyed and the substances are easily absorbed. *

Just as Reishi Spores are rich in some compounds, so is the Reishi fruiting body, which contains much of the polysaccharides, and beta-glucans, and many of the other identified compounds in Reishi. * However, these compounds are locked in chitin (pronounced chy-tin), the material of the fungi cell wall that is completely indigestible by the human body—the human body simply does not contain the enzymes to break down chitin.

We use a dual step processing method to both breaks down the chitin and release the compounds, and also to highly concentrate them, which results in a highly digestible (bio-available), highly concentrated, premiere Reishi Extract. * This Reishi Extract contains a minimum of 30% polysaccharides—the major class of healing compounds present in the mushroom. *

Our Reishi Buddha Blend is a marriage of these two, bringing you the full expression of Reishi, known as The Mushroom of Immortality.

Allergies, Safety, Contraindications, and Drug Interactions

At RAW Forest Foods, we take pride on the quality of our products, and we select individual ingredients in part because we consider them to be very safe, but we cannot make any claims as to how an individual will respond to our products. Humans are unique creatures. We take herbs and herbal medicine seriously and consider them to be serious medicine on par with pharmaceutical drugs. As such, we want every customer to research products and ingredients independently, using sites like Google Scholar and PubMed.

We also encourage people to speak with their primary care practitioner before starting any new supplement regimen (purchased from our company or elsewhere) or other lifestyle change; this is particularly true for those taking any prescription drug(s), have any pre-existing medical condition, or who are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, or are nursing. We do not intend for any of our products to be used by those under 18 years of age or who are pregnant or nursing. Additionally, please be aware of any allergies you may have to any ingredients in our products.

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Reishi Buddha Blend

Suggested Usagesupplement-facts-reishi-buddha-blend.png

Serving size is 2 grams, taken twice daily or as directed, preferably on an empty stomach. Once in the morning and once in the evening. 

Other Ingredients: None.

In each 65 gram pouch, there are approximately 32.5 servings of Reishi Buddha Blend.

A 50/50 combination of RAW Reishi Spores and a Reishi fruiting body extract (30% polysaccharides).

At RAW Forest Foods, we like to take our powdered extracts in 4-6 ounces of warm water, and consumed on an empty stomach.

This product is vegan/vegetarian.

Learn more about using all of our products here.

Ideal Storage

Store this product, and all RAW Forest Foods products, in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and moisture. Try and use in a timely manner after opening the package.

Cycling Herbs

For those customers who prefer to rotate their pro-androgenic and tonic herbs, we suggest a schedule of five days on and two days off, or four weeks on and one week off.


Before starting any new medicinal herbs or nutritional supplements (from our company or otherwise), customers should consult with their qualified healthcare practitioner. This not because we question the safety of our products, but because we believe in the strength of our products and that plants have a medicinal, therapeutic potential.

This product is not for use by those under the age of 18, who are pregnant or nursing, or who are allergic or adverse to any of the ingredients contained within.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please view our full Terms and Conditions.

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5 Stars

I've tried several products from RAW Forest Foods and all are excellent but Reishi budda blend is incredible. My thoughts are much clearer my emotional state is calm and stable. 10 years ago I had lost I did not know what it was to have pleasure in sex. Today I come to howl. My ejaculation was poor and weak. Today comes with a lot of pressure. Enough to scare. laughs My performance at the gym has improved a lot. I would never believe in the effect of reishi if I had not experienced it. I recommend everyone to take this product for life. Very grateful to RAW Forest Foods for this amazing product and its great quality.

5 Stars
The Buddha is smiling

I bought this reisha blend after taking reisha for years and then reading about it again at Life Extension. So I wanted a more complete blend and found yours. I did read all the previous reviews. There is nothing wrong with me - I believe in prevention and giving the body the tools it needs. I wrote to your owner about the dosage because I am only 100 pounds and female. I have been taking 1/4 teaspoon every day for a week, and I haven't noticed anything - probably because I have been taking it for years. But I have not noticed anything bad either so that is good! Seriously, I thought the amount that I received for the price was also good.

5 Stars
Buddha Blend and Hypothyroidism

I was diagnoised with a Thyroid issue a few years back from my OBGYN on a routine visit. I am a Plant Based Chef and work with several different nutritional lines as an educator, so I was completly surprised at this. After researching for sometime I came across your products. I love Raw Food Products and feel they can be most effective when treating certain nutritional issues. I saw your Buddha Blend and decided to give it a try. Within four months my numbers started to go down! and I was in range! After being on it for about six months I decided to try something different that had some of the same ingredients as well as some other plant nutrition I was adding into my daily routine. Unfortunately my numbers shot right back up, and within 3 months! So I know now how crucial it is for me to stay on the Buddha Blend. I am now trying your Camellia Powder and excited to see what it can do for me as well. My husband takes your Pine Pollen extract. Thank you for such amazing products! Thank you.

5 Stars
Head and shoulders better than the crowd

Excellent formulas for Long term health

5 Stars
Very noticeable, high-quality results. Fast Shipping, too!

I work on a major, class-one railroad as an over-the-road conductor in Chicago. This means that I work on-call 24/365, and that being able to sleep when I need to is very important. Going years without a long-use, restorative/sleep supplement has led me to feel a growing emptiness in my deepest reserves of vitality. Nothing has been able to replace what I feel that I have been losing. Nothing except Reishi Buddha Blend. My first night of sleep after taking this wonderful product was full and restorative. I feel a balanced solidity in my body and spirit now, and I feel that I have new room for new health--the total opposite of how I felt before this product. Also, the shipping was really quick. Thanks!

5 Stars
Top Shelf Quality

Happy with the reishi. Been a fan of medicinal mushrooms for years. I understand there is a cost to health, but it's nice to know there are companies out there putting out great products that don't break the bank. I've have a very good experience with RFF and will continue to be a customer!

5 Stars
Lots of deep nutrition

. I tried Buddhas blend and it is an amazing tonic, some spore cracked cell wall powder in the blend ,nice balanced energetics. This is for all to enjoy. Drink up,

5 Stars
Better than spores or reishi

I have used reishi and I have used spores on their own, but this combination of the two is really good. I give this product a 5 star rating.

5 Stars
Powdered enlightenment.

This Buddha Blend rocks. Smart combination of reishi spores and extract, use it daily and feel more grounded and my head is clearer than its been in 15 years. I recommend this to all my clients.

5 Stars
great experience

I've taken Reishi on and off for 4-5 years now. It helped me through a time in my life when I had really frightening anxiety and had to rediscover who I was. Well I picked some up after a considerable amount of time away from the herb because I've been stressed and had been having some sleeping problems. Just waking up a lot in the middle of the night. Well after a day of taking Reishi I slept all the way through the night without waking up once and my dreams were super intensely vivid and detailed. Really digging this Reishi.