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Tonics & Adaptogens

Selected to Promote Endocrine Health, Immunity, Energy, & Longevity

From restoring energy, to promoting immune system health, to extending longevity, tonics (and what are now classified as adaptogens) represent a wide-class of medicinal herbs and fungi that have been long used—and cherished—for their ability to work with the body in promoting a foundational, holistic approach to wellness.

Tonics and adaptogens are herbs (including medicinal mushrooms and other substances) that are used to increase full-body wellness—they build foundational wellness. The practice of using tonic herbs and fungi to promote wellness has been documented in every traditional and indigenous system of medicine.

The earliest written texts on medical herbalism speak of the tonics, including Astragalus, Chinese Ginseng, and Reishi. And today, a vast amount of scientific research continues to be done verifying and validating many of the long standing traditional uses of tonics and adaptogens. We synthesize the classic uses of these plants and fungi and the modern research done on them to bring you effective, balanced, high integrity single herbs and formulas.

Today, some of the most widely researched herbs fall within the classification of tonics and adaptogens. And it's of no suprise: Their far-reaching—and often profound—abilities are very interesting. A quick search of the medical literature will return thousands of studies and papers on tonic herbs.  

At RAW Forest Foods, we find the daily practice of integrating the use of full system tonics to be one of the most important interventions for promoting optimum wellness. Below, you will find our specific picks for those products that can be used for the tonic and adaptogenic abilities.