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Free Domestic Shipping on All Orders of $49.99+

We ship all orders (domestic and international) with the United States Postal Service (USPS) with free shipping within the US on all orders of $49.99+ (after discounts or promotions). Domestic orders under $49.99 ship for a flat rate of $7.

Delivery is guaranteed on all domestic orders.

Shipping and Delivery Times

All orders are processed and shipped first thing in the morning, excluding weekends and national holidays. Orders are picked up from our warehouse before noon, Eastern Standard Time.

Excluding the rare occurrence, all orders ship within one business day after they are placed.

Domestic Shipping

Orders ship through First-Class Mail® (up to 13 ounces total package weight) or Priority Mail®. These are essential the same service and are primarily differentiated by the weight of the package. All domestic orders are shipped with tracking.

USPS provides the following delivery times for these services:

  • Priority Mail® Shipping arrives in 1-3 Business Days;
  • First-Class Mail® arrives in 1-3 Business Days.


Tracking is provided on all orders, including international orders (however, international tracking may be of questionable quality).

You will receive an email containing your tracking details after your order leaves our warehouse. Additionally, tracking details may be found in your Customer Account Page. After your order is scanned into the system, there may be a delay before the tracking information is updated within the USPS system.

International Shipping

Read this section throughly before placing an international order:

Each and every day we ship internationally. To date, we have shipped to over 70 different countries and the overwhelming majority of these orders arrive without a single issue.

However, we find it extremely important to mention that there is an inherent unpredictability—and subsequent risk—with all international shipments and that we—RAW Forest Foods—can neither predict this risk nor be held accountable for that risk.

Within the scope of what is possible, we do our best to ensure safe delivery of your order, but we can only guarantee international orders to the point that the order leaves the US.

This unpredictability may result in unexpected delays, confusing and unreliable tracking information, additional customs or import fees (which are payable by the customer), confiscation of the order by the receiving country (some products or ingredients may be prohibited for import), and loss.

Unreliable tracking information or tracking information of dubious quality:

Once the package leaves the US (the last scan is typically at the Jamaica Plains, NY, USPS facility), tracking can be, well, challenging. This is not because the shipment is not making its way to you, it is only because communication between the different postal and mail services is poor.

It may appear that your order is not making progress because tracking details are not being updated. This is only because the systems are not communicating—not because the order is stuck.

Customs duties and fees:

Additional duties and fees may be required depending on the destination country. These are payable by the customer. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to predict these charges. As required by law, we declare all items exactly as they are and exactly for the price paid. Exceptions will not be made, as any request would be asking us to break the law.

Import restrictions:

Not all products (and the ingredients they contain) available through our website are able to be imported into all countries. Different countries have different regulations, and just as we cannot predict customs duties and fees for each and every country we ship to, we cannot know what is allowed and what is not allowed in each of those countries.

Additionally, some countries may limit the total number of a single item being imported—even for retail customers.

An example of this is Tongkat Ali Extract, where some countries ban its importation outright while others only allow a certain number to be imported (Canada, for instance, only allows three at a time) at a time.

It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of the limitations placed by their own country as to which items are allowed for import and in what amounts. Again, we only guarantee internationally delivery to the point where the order leaves the US.

Please Contact Us with any questions or special shipping needs.


If there is any problem at all with your order, please Contact RAW Forest Foods as soon as possible so that we can work together to find an amicable solution to the issue. Visit our Returns, Replacements, and Cancelations Page for detailed information and instructions.

Shipping Rates (Subject to Change)

Destination Country

Order Total

Cost of Shipping

United States $0.00 - $49.99 Flat rate $7.00
United States $50.00 or More Free
Canada $0.00 - $99.99 $9.00
Canada $100.00 - $189.99 $14.00
Canada $190.00 - $249.99 $19.00
Canada $250.00 or More $25.00
All Other International $0.00 - $99.99 $9.00
All Other International $100.00 - $189.99 $16.00
All Other International $190.00 - $249.99 $21.00
All Other International $250.00 - $289.99 $29.00
All Other International $290.00 or More $34