Althletic Performace and Androgenic Herbs

androgenic herbs

Althletic Performace and Androgenic Herbs

At RAW Forest Foods, we receive many, many questions about Pine Pollen and athletic performance. These questions are for good reason: testosterone is of vital importance to athletic performance.

There are no clinical studies out researching a connection between Pine Pollen and athletic performance, but we do know that, 1., Pine Pollen raises levels of androgenic hormones (of which testosterone is just one), and we know that, 2., long term high levels of testosterone improve athletic performance and athletic ability. So how does Pine Pollen and other androgenic herbs fit into this picture?

In a 2006 New York Times article about the presence of testosterone hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in sports, journalist Natasha Singer states:

Oct 03, 2012 Ryan Wade

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