Radio Show Dealing with Low Testosterone in Women and Men

low testosterone in women and men

Radio Show Dealing Specifically with Low Testosterone in Women and Men

Your Own Health and Fitness is an excellent show out of California, dealing with all things health and nutrition. If you're a fan of listening to quality radio and podcasts, check out there site and listen to all there shows. An awesome resource.

I just finished listening to a show specifically on how low levels testosterone negatively affects men and women. All stuff I already knew, but it is really fantastic to hear everything wrapped up into one neat package. Listen to the show here .

In the show we (re)learn some very important things, some of them are: that low levels of testosterone leads to:

  • Increases levels of "bad" cholesterol;
  • Increased rates of aging/premature aging;
  • Blood sugar irregularities;
  • Catabolism (loss of tissue and bone);
  • Loss of aerobic/energy capacity;
  • Weight gain/increase of estradiol in men
Oct 03, 2010 Ryan Wade

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