Wild Harvesting Pine Pollen and its Benefits

Wild Harvesting Pine Pollen and its Benefits

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Pine Pollen: Wild Harvesting and Pine Pollen's Protective Benefits

Arthur Haines, the noted naturalist and author has put together a highly informative two part series on wild harvesting Pine Pollen and its benefits. Arthur Haines, who runs the Delta Institute of Natural History, puts out an ongoing series of videos highlighting gathering and using the wild foods and medicines of the North Eastern US.

Lately he has been promoting and selling something he calls the neoaboriginal lifeway, an idea of reconnecting and living with the land--but even with such a great goal, one has to wonder how the aboriginal peoples of this continent feel about it. That aside, the two part YouTube videos he put together on Pine Pollen are solid and worth watching.

In these videos Haines speaks to the antioxidant benefits of Pine Pollen. He connects the antioxidants in Pine Pollen with an ability to protect the body/DNA from radiation and radioactive partials. This is interesting and I look forward to any scientific research to back up these claims.

The Protective Benefits of Pine Pollen (Part 1)

The Protective Benefits of Pine Pollen (Part 2)

Sep 16, 2010 Ryan Wade

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