Drinking in the Mystical Sleep

Drinking in the Mystical Sleep

Embracing Our Ancestral Sleep: A Journey Back to Our Ancestral Sleep

At RAW Forest Foods, we hold a deep and profound reverence for the sanctity of sleep—and we have previously written about the critical role sleep plays in maintaining the delicate equilibrium of our physical, mental, and spiritual faculties. This is particularly pertinent to those dedicated to optimizing their physical fitness and nurturing a healthy, strong, and youthfullendocrine system.

Sleep, too often marginalized in discussions of wellness, is an indispensable, free practice that has no repacement. It is our foundation. Withoutcompromise or exception. Like maintaining proper hydration and engaging in regular physical activity, sleep stands as the cornerstone of enduring health—an unparalleled tonic universally accessible to all those fortunate enough to reside in the embrace of modern civilization.

In addition to sleep, we cherish a deep appreciation for the practice of meditation. However, it is only now that we fully grasp the intricate connection between the two,

An article recently featured in The Washington Post (Want to Enjoy the Seep, Mystical Sleep of Our Ancestors? Turn Your Lights Off At Dusk, 5/27/2015) delves into the captivating transformation of our sleep patterns when we eliminate the influence of artificial lighting and electronic devices. This article illuminates the disruptive impact of artificial lighting and electronic devices on our innate sleep rhythm, whole offering important insights into how swiftly we can return to a sleep reminiscent of the traditions of our forebears—a phenomenon I have personally experienced during extended retreats away from contemporary civilization.

I encourage you to take a few minutes of your time to read the article. It not only offers an important explanation of the intricate relationship between light and sleep, but  beckons us to embark upon a transformative journey to reclaim the sleep patterns of our ancestors.

Sleep offers profound restoration and a deeper connection to the rhythms of nature—accomplished slimply through the act of dimming the lights at dusk.

May 26, 2015 Ryan Wade

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