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Drinking in the Mystical Sleep

Posted by Ryan Wade on May 26, 2015

drinking in the mystical sleep

Our Ancestral Sleep

At RAW Forest Foods, we are serious sleep enthusiasts, and we have blogged before about the importance of sleep for supporting pretty much every physiological process in the body, mind, and soul--including those of us concerned with promoting fitness and healthy endocrine functioning. 

Sleep is a necessary, free medicine each and everyone one of us requires, no excuses and no exceptions. We don't hear of the importance of sleep sold too often (because, well, sleep is free), but along side drinking enough water and getting enough exercise, it is the most important thing that can be done for health and it is readily free and available to all of us enjoying the luxuries of the developed world. 

In addition to sleep, we're also serious meditation enthusiasts. But until today, we had no idea of the deep connection between the two.

I am excited to share an article published today at the Washington Post (5/27/2015) about what happens to sleep our patterns when electricity is removed from the equations. Titled, Want to enjoy the deep, mystical sleep of our ancestors? Turn your lights off at dusk, this article highlights how artificial lights and other electronic deeply disturb sleep patterns and how quickly we return to our ancestral sleep (sleep I've experienced during extended vacations away from civilization). Please take the five minutes needed to read this article.