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Allergies, Safety, Contraindication, and Pine Pollen

Using herbs—and other ingredients which fall within the category—safely is paramount. Adding to that importance is the prevalence of allergies (which can be severe) to Pine Pollen. We explore the prevalence of Pine Pollen allergies and the importance of practicing caution when using all dietary and nutritional supplements, from RAW Forest Foods and elsewhere, in our dedicated resource on the safety of Pine Pollen, Pine Pollen Allergies, contraindication to using it, and more.

Meet the Source: Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen™

We've traveled half way around the world to find the source of our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen™—and we want to share that with you. In our "Meet the Source: Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen™ article, we show you first hand where we harvest our RAW Pine Pollen™.

A Visual Guide to Using our Extracts and Pollens

For many customers, using Pine Pollen is their first introduction into using herbal medicine. So whether it is using RAW Pollen Powders, such as our RAW Pine Pollen™, Extract Powders, Capsules and Tablets, or Tinctures, we created a Visual Guide to Using our Extracts and Powders—providing you with an introduction into using our products.

Full Potency, Full Spectrum Tinctures

Harnessing our rich experience working with Pine Pollen and our commitment to meeting the specific needs and goals of our customers, we’ve developed unique processes—including our true dual extract tinctures—to produce the finest products on the market.

Learn more about what sets are tinctures ahead of the pack.

Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen™ Extract Powder

Specific information about our ultra-pure Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen Extract Powder—the mother extract.

Nutritional Analysis of Pine Pollen

Are you wondering what vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are found in RAW Pine Pollen?

Access our Nutritional Analysis of Pine Pollen for an in-depth resource going deep into the nutritional components of Pine Pollen, including SOD and MSM.

Our Facilities

Learn more about where our products are made and the importance of professionalism in the herb and supplement industry.

Overview of the Differences Between RAW Pine Pollen, Powdered Extracts, and Tinctures

A quick guide for assisting your understanding between the differences in RAW Pollens (including tablets and capsules), Powdered Extracts (including capsules), and Tinctures.

Pine Pollen FAQs

Your source for the most frequently asked Pine Pollen FAQs.

Pine Pollen Health Benefits

For a Western take on the potential health benefits of Pine Pollen and links to published scientific and research articles.*

Translated Scientific Research Articles

In the West, scientific research into Pine Pollen is still emerging. To provide you with factual, solid information, we have had several published research articles translated from their native languages into English.

Find the articles below:

The Historical and Chinese Medicine Perspective of Pine Pollen

For a Chinese Medicine take on the health benefits of Pine Pollen.

Pro-Androgenic and Adaptogenic Effects of Pine Pollen

A specific discussion regarding the use of Pine Pollen for potential Pro-Androgenic and Adaptogenic effects, benefits, and properties.

Pine Pollen Selected Referenced Works and Additional Resources

Outside references to scientific and research literature on Pine Pollen.


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